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Venti's POV


Xiao, today is the day, the day I tell you, I love you.

I was so nervous, about today that I almost could die of nerves but I gotta be chill about this. "Venti you said you wanted to take me to windrise?" Xiao asked I quickly responded with 'yessir' he was shocked that I called him sir, but he shook it off and looked down.

On our way to windrise I was fidgeting with my fingers. Xiao knew something was off with my behaviour. It was silent halfway to windrise until I sparked up a conversation with him. It was a random one but , was about my hamster who died. I still mourn over his death to this day.


We were super close to the tree so I ran, dragging the clueless boy behind me. "Tag, your it!" I smiled at him, he was confused at first but when he got the idea he simply accepted to play tag with me. I just wanted to past the time because I was planning to confess about dusk. I completely forgot about the confession for some time, we were playing tag for so long. As soon as I remembered I stopped in my tracks. "It!" Xiao yelled as he panted. "Hey Venti you ok?" Xiao asked me "oh I'm fine!" I replied "ahh- why not we head to the tree." I suggested. This time he turned around dragging me to the tree. We ran all the way, Windwheel aster brushed past my legs, the soft warm breeze, this felt like heaven.

"X-xiao... I have something to say." I asked him. He was really unsure what was happening. He looked so perfect, with the wind going through his hair the sun shining softly on his eyes. "What is it, Venti?" He answered. I hesitated to speak.

Why won't the words come out my mouth.

I let my body take over my actions. I held his slender hands and the words finally came out. "Xiao, I love you. I've always loved you since the day we met." I said ending with a long pause.

"Venti..." Xiao hesitated to finish his sentence. "Venti, I-I love you too." He smiled. Tears of happiness rolled down my face as he embraced me in a warm hug. "Xiao." I asked, he hummed in response. "Wanna play tag again?" I ask. He nodded as I tagged him. I ran as he ran after me.

After a while we gave up on tag. We were puffed out. "Well I'm faster than you Xiao!" I pouted "That's because I'm being nice!" Xiao replied "And when were ever nice?" I asked. He laughed "Oh hahaha really funny Venti, on the first day I met you. Duh!" He laughed. His fingers intertwined with mine, I decided to spin around in circles, staring into Xiao's amber eyes as we span around smiling.

I was having mixed feelings about me being with Xiao now since we had the whole ' I love you' thing which was the best thing that happened all day. I really didn't ask Xiao if we are- you know dating and boyfriend and boyfriend stuff. "Xiao? Are we now like... umm, boyfriends now?" I asked nervously while I was holding his hand. "Only if you want?" He answered. "Well duh. Silly Xiao." I patted his head. He seemed to be caught off guard. He must of never had alot of affection. Staring at the shorter male.

We were on our way back until Xiao asked me. "Wanna stay at my place tonight?" I gladly accepted his offer. I was nervous about one thing, his parents. Would they accept him? Would they kick me out the house?

"Don't worry about my parents not supporting. I have 2 fathers." Xiao reassured me. I was so relieved at that. "Xiao are we gonna tell your dad's? About us." I asked he nodded as he held my hand.

I stared into the moon, feeling blessed that I found someone, not just a normal person, Xiao. Very special to be part of my life story.

Xiao I love you with all my heart.


YESSS! Don't mind me just fangirling( gender reveal?) over something I wrote. Word count 706. I wrote this on Google docs to help me with editing because I suck at that. I'm might just write on Google docs then copy n' paste. I feel like I made this too soon. Fun fact: I used to hate XiaoVen ok then back to the fluff.

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