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Xiao's POV

2:50 AM in the morning and Venti was wide awake, we just stared at each other, confused."Venti? Why are you awake at this hour?" I whispered "Uhh- I dunno, I just wanted to see you perhaps?" He whispered back. I sighed as I walked to my TV and turned on my PS4 and loaded up Minecraft.

I looked at Venti, he was smiling as usual, but he didn't even have the slightest memory of the 'cards'. Once Minecraft loaded I threw Venti a controller and sat down on the floor. Venti jumped next to me, smiling.

Why does this boy always smile? It's scary.

We decided to do survival mode. Which I'm the best at, once we spawned in Venti suggested an idea where we don't work together. I agreed to the suggestion, as we went off to build our houses. After 30 minutes, I encountered an Enderman which I thought was cool. I drew out my stone sword and kept slashing it. Venti thought it was a good idea to send a small gust of wind in my face as I was fighting the Enderman. "Venti!" I whispered and shouted as my character died. "I'm sowwy~" Venti laughed. I sighed as I ran to pick up my inventory.

Once it was 6:00 AM we walked out to get breakfast, Venti was still tired therefore he's clinging to my arm. "Morning love birds~" Ganyu snickered. "Says the one who's dating Ganyu" I snapped back. Ganyu looked at me with a shocked face and muttered something under her breath. After me and Venti had breakfast, we went back to my room to resume our game.

"Hey, Venti?" I asked. He hummed in response. "Do you r-remember last night?" I stammered, he thought to himself for a moment, "All I remember is having a drink at the tavern and then waking up at 2:50, yeah that's what happened!" He smiled, I stared at him for a minute, confused on how he doesn't remember anything. I sighed as I decided it was a good idea to blow up his house. "Xiao?! Why'd you blow up my house!" Venti pouted, I laughed as I grabbed his hands. "Ven last night y-you did stuff to me..." I trailed off. His eyes widened "I'M NOT A VIRGIN ANYMORE?!" He yelled. I deadpanned away from his eyes, mentally facepalming.

"No silly, you fed me a card, you know playing cards." I answered, Venti had a sigh of relief. We continued to play Minecraft for another hour then fell asleep due to us waking up early.

Your weird, in a way Venti.


... I didn't know that was only 450 words, oh well a short chapter then. (Laugh) ok bye bye now.

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