𝟾- "𝙳𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚏𝚞𝚕" 𝙼𝚘𝚗𝚍𝚊𝚢

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Venti's POV

It was a Monday, Xiao's least favourite day of all, he says, 'start of a dreadful week.' he complains every 'dreadful' Monday.

As I was getting ready for school I heard some pots fall on the ground. I walked out to the kitchen trying to finish one of my plaits. "Xiao? Are you good?" I asked as I walked in the kitchen. "Yeah, just got a bruise." He said, staring at his bruised leg. I went to pick up some pots. "Does it hurt?" I looked at his leg. As I patted it "Is Xiao's ok?" I asked his 'leg'.
"It's fine, Venti." Xiao sighed .

"Xiao, Venti you guys ok?" Childe asked "We heard some pots and stuff." Zhongli yawned. We both nodded in return as Childe grabbed Zhongli's hand and started to walk off back to bed. "Wait!" Xiao stopped them. "I- me and-." Xiao stammered."Zhongli, I want you to come with me. I-umm wanna say it in private." Xiao asked. Zhongli nodded. Childe let go of Zhongli's hand with a disappointed face. Childe just walked to the kitchen to help Venti clean up the pots and that.

Xiao's POV

"Zhongli, I wanted to ask you how..." I trailed off. Zhongli raised an eyebrow, I felt a lump in my throat, "How do you ask someone on a date?" The tall man looked down at me, "That's a question for your father, he was the one who ask me out." I looked at him in disappointment, I walked away and just left him standing there.

Useless, no information. I feel like a bad boyfriend, I can't even ask him out. I sighed as I entered the kitchen to see my father and boyfriend.

As Zhongli walked back to the kitchen, Childe gave me a 'what a watse of time' glance. Venti was waiting for me at the table. I looked at what was for breakfast. Almond Tofu?! I ran to the table and chowed down the tofu, not acknowledging Venti's presence. He just smirked and slowly ate his food.

As I finished my food, I rinsed my plate and left it in the sink. I rushed over to Venti who was still eating. I looked at the clock. 7:30 AM, school starts at 9:00 AM. Venti was taking forever to eat, so I took the fork out his hand and decided to spoon feed the boy. He actually managed to finish sooner.

We were packing our books and stationery in our bags. Venti was packing his last stuff as he swung his bag on his back and ran beside me."You're awfully slow today." I teased. Venti nudged my arm with his elbow. "You boys off now?" Childe asked. We nodded as I grabbed Venti's hand and ran off and waved with my free hand. Zhongli waved back. "He grew up so fast." Zhongli smiled at Childe.

We walked through the front gates, all eyes fixed on us. "Xiao~" someone behind me whispered. I turned my head around to see a face I didn't want to see. Hu Tao. "So he is your boyfriend after all." She snickered. "Tao, that's not nice!" Yanfei said from behind, making Hu Tao jump back in her arms. "Sorry..." Hu Tao apologized. "I'm sorry about her, she just gets- uhh you know? Cheeky when I'm not around." Yanfei apologized, dragging Hu Tao inside the building. The first bell rang. Using my normal instincts I dragged Venti to the homeroom.

During homeroom I held Venti's hand. People gave us suspicious looks. I gazed into his teal eyes as he gazed back into mine. "Xiao, Venti. Save your lovey-dovey stuff for after class." Diluc the homeroom teacher sighed. I looked away embarrassed, red flushed my face as Venti turned his head away. We still held hands, but under the desks this time. Diluc noticed that but he kept his mouth shut.

After class Venti had music and I had chemistry. Venti had extraordinary grades in music while I had average grades in chemistry. As we sighed we walked away from each other heading to our classes.

Hu Tao and Yanfei were once again talking behind me. Thankfully Mr. Albedo hadn't arrived yet. "Did ya hear?! Mr. Albedo has a husband?!" Yanfei exclaimed. Hu Tao nodded her head in response. I shouldn't be eavesdropping but it sounded interesting. "And who is that babe?" Hu Tao wondered, looks like she was off in her own world of her girlfriend. "KAEYA ALBERICH!" Yanfei yelled

Mr. Albedo entered the room, and as soon as he heard those words his face turned red. "Yanfei, may I ask you how you know about my husband?" He wondered. Sucrose, Albedo's assistant, looked shocked at the words 'my husband' . I assumed she may have had feelings towards Albedo or something. "I heard Miss Mona talk about it in her astronomy class." Yanfei said, embarrassed. Albedo facepalmed. Hu Tao patted Yanfei's head, making sure she's ok.

Venti... I wonder if you're doing ok?


Is Venti ok? Word count-800 exactly.
I just realised I haven't added any Inazuma characters yet (except for Thoma in that one chapter) ʘ‿ʘ I will though, with Xiao I also ship him and Aether as well as with Venti I ship him and traveller, both of them depending on who you picked. But XiaoVen is much sweeter :P I have no ideas for chapters and what to write. Probably the only advice is 'write what comes to mind' any way see ya next chapters kids!

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