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Our Thorned Fate by SacielArakawa
Our Thorned Fateby Saciel Arakawa
Childe, the best mystical creatures hunter in Harbinger spent his youth to kill vampires, especially the uncontrollable one who love to hunt innocent people. Zhongli, th...
Warmth || Chili by ajaxsyn
Warmth || Chiliby ajax
Dragon form Zhongli ♡♡♡♡ Short oneshot I wrote that was too cute to not publish.
Please harder, daddy ~ ( Tartaglia x Zhong Li) by ShaShlichoG
Please harder, daddy ~ ( Tartaglia...by dilf228
...- A-ah~,- moans echoed through the bedroom.- Zh-zhong Li...~ The brown-haired stopped for a while. He slightly pulled out his d!ck, from which Tartaglia quietly, but...
Bitched by sunnugget0
Bitchedby sunnugget0
Childe was known alpha who took a strong liking to trouble especially with omegas. He viewed himself as more superior than them. He slept around here and there. Diluc an...
3 Archons In MHA by Random_Cassidy
3 Archons In MHAby Cassidy
During their annual archon meetup Venti decides to bring him and his friends on a little trip whilst being unable to maintain his curiosity. Ships: No ships for MHA char...
Childe X Zhongli (smut!) by xonnixangel
Childe X Zhongli (smut!)by xonnixangel
This is my first time writing a Zhongli X Childe fanfic and I don't write a lot of smut, so I'm sorry if its bad😒 Tell me what you think of it, I might wanna delete it...
Friendship or Love 『 Childe x Zhongli 』 by freashgrassdiny
Friendship or Love 『 Childe x Zhon...by vanessa
Childe and Zhongli always hang out together. To Childe, Zhongli seemed oblivious towards Childe and never realises what he says, but for Zhongli, he had always knew exac...
Zhongli X Childe another smut book by queenofheartsfromwit
Zhongli X Childe another smut bookby queenofheartsfromwit
If you read my Ayato x Thoma smut book you already may have an idea of what's inside but anyway- This book will end whenever I lose ideas and motivation for this book co...
truth serum (oneshot) by raidenshogunishot
truth serum (oneshot)by raiden shogun
zhongli x childe oneshot
The ninth month by AlexandraZapletalova
The ninth monthby AlexandraZapletalova
Zhongli becomes pregnant and tells Childe's, Childe is happy about the baby and starts caring for Zhongli as his child.
I'm In Your Twitch Chat [ZhongChi] by TheFlyingJaybird
I'm In Your Twitch Chat [ZhongChi]by Jay
[ON-GOING; REWRITE] It was a nornal day, and all Childe wanted to find was a small streamer to donate to. The last thing he expected to find was man who made his heart s...
Maybe your little rough.. by hips_childebeloved
Maybe your little rough..by hips_kat
this is a model/actor au where zhongli is the top model/actor and childe is the 11th top model/actor btw this is nsfw and has nsfw chapter if you don't feel comfy dni p...
Two Lovers Entwined | ZhongChi by narulalabsb
Two Lovers Entwined | ZhongChiby shan???
ZhongChi short story wherein; Before Childe can leave Liyue to go to Shneznaya for work, he felt the need to write Zhongli a note, to make sure he doesn't get worried. ...
In Your Arms | [ Zhongli x Childe Angst ] by justsomepersonidkman
In Your Arms | [ Zhongli x Childe...by Sunny
this is going to be very angsty but definitely not the best, I am writing this just because I have a moment where I relate the angst stuff, so I needed to make my own so...
ℂ𝕙𝕚𝕝𝕕𝕖 𝕏 ℤ𝕙𝕠𝕟𝕘𝕝𝕚 𝕆𝕟𝕖𝕤𝕙𝕠𝕥𝕤   [𝔾𝔼ℕ𝕊ℍ𝕀ℕ 𝕀𝕄ℙ𝔸ℂ𝕋] by MilleVille
ℂ𝕙𝕚𝕝𝕕𝕖 𝕏 ℤ𝕙𝕠𝕟𝕘𝕝𝕚 𝕆𝕟�...by Zh0ngl1
Read the tittle, that's all. I lied. ❗️Warnings❗️ - power bottom Zhongli 🤭💅🔥 - hornkyyy Ajax Sheeran 🥴💦✌️ - SMUT, FLUFF, AGNST and stuff like that (they will be in...
Pre-identity reveal Zhongchilemon  ZhongliXChilde by RNBugui
Pre-identity reveal Zhongchilemon...by 小心大愛
pre identity reveal, zhongchi lemon. possesion, branding, precum, cum, sex, smut,
Arranged Marriage * Zhongli x Childe* by Yourlilteehee
Arranged Marriage * Zhongli x Chil...by Yourlilteehee
Childe being the prince of Snezhnaya, was at the age to marry. He had to find a partner as soon as possible for it's forbidden for a King to possibly rule alone. So, he...
the cries of the harbinger by vnti_sh
the cries of the harbingerby koi
ajax -- aka tartaglia & childe -- needs comfort. he needs someone to hold him as he cries. but traveler's busy. they're unavailable. his colleagues, peers, and subordina...