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Hello it's me, I thank you so much for reading and Voting. Soooooo I thought I might try write some angst, I normally write and draw fluff so this was a challenge. I'm out of ideas so I wrote this as a friend recommended me to. P.S this isn't part of the story!

Venti's POV

I was wandering around liyue until I felt the wind, it was relaxing at first then a smell of blood. I ran in the direction of the blood, with every step I took the more dense the smell was.

I was out of breath until I saw a tree, not any ordinary tree. A tree with blood splattered all over it, I froze in shock. But before I ran away, my legs took me in the direction of the bloody tree. When I saw the victim, I ran even faster.

"XIAO?!" I screamed as I slowed down near his wimp body. "XIAO, A-ARE YOU OK?!" I asked him frantically, my hands on his torso shaking him, to wake him up. "Venti..." He managed to say, just loud enough to hear. He looked around and then coughed up some blood. "Xiao..." I whispered, just loud enough for him to hear. I looked at his chest. Blood, wounds, knives and arrows. I sunk to the floor, hopeless.

The man I love with all my heart,

First my dearest friend, now my lover, can't my life get any worse, "My dear Venti, I'm sorry I can't stay here any longer. I-" halfway through his words, another cough of blood. "I love you with all my heart, at least I may see you at Celestia." His final words escaped his mouth. "Xiao...I love you too, I wish this wasn't the end. Xiao... I'm going to miss you, love you..." I sobbed, he chuckled as I felt weight lift off my lap.

Xiao...has passed.

I cried my heart out as I stared at the corpse of my Boyfriend, I reached my hand into my pocket. I took out a black velvet box, and I opened it. To reveal a diamond ring. "I'm sorry my love, I couldn't save you..." I whispered as the wind picked up, I sighed as I sent Xiao's soul into the wind. I looked down at his lifeless body, as it faded away. "Hope you rest in peace dear." I sighed.


Not sorry;)

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