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!!Yes this is an Authors note that is SUPER important to read!!:

I will be Editing the story and changing a few things up like places and speech. But the story/plot will remain the same. The writing style of the book may change because the first half is really bad- then the second half is good-ish. And I mean I will be Re-writting the whole entire book. So the Afterstory and my Diluc X reader will come to a pause as I edit the main story.

Next thing I have to mention is Wattpad DM's and commenting on chapters. If you do happen to message me on Wattpad I will not respond due to my phone not giving me notifications. And about Commenting, some of your guys comments make me laugh and fall off my bed but others are... Yk inappropriate which I don't feel comfortable with, and other people.

I now will mention my plot of the book, yes it seems all over the place but the plot is;

•Xiao meets Venti
•They become friends
•Venti starts to have a little crush on Xiao.
•Xiao gets a crush on Venti.
•Venti finds out that he really loves Xiao and never wants to leave his side.
•Venti gets the courage to confess his love for Xiao
•they become a power couple
•Homophobes appear
•The two have lots of sleepovers with each other
•school begins and people find out
•Venti's birthday
•they grow closer

That's the plot, for me it doesn't seem to be all over the place but for others It may be.

This is the last thing I'm going to see, Thank you guys so much for 6K+ views and 200+ votes. Well thats all I needed to say, bye for now!

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