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Venti's POV

I was on my way to music, skipping. Which indicated I'm in a good mood, until I heard some kid whisper to their friend "I heard that Venti kid, he's dating Xiao." "What?! That's so gay isn't that gross. Ewww." The other kid replied. As I walked past they shuddered in disgust. I just ignored them and carried on skipping. In class Miss Xinyan said we have to go in trio's. I normally do this stuff by myself, but these 2 boys asked me to join their group. I accepted their request.

But I didn't know what I dragged myself into.

"Hey what's your name? Our names are Teppei and Ayato." Teppei exclaimed "Venti." I replied. They look like the best of friends but who knows, could be little delinquents like Thoma. "Howdy class, today in ya group yar' going to write songs about love. Ya know kissing." Miss Xinyan yelled. "Love huh?" Ayato questioned.
I was really excited about this topic, until a certain question got asked.

"Venti, what's our song going to be about? Our girlfriends?" Teppei asked. "Ooo! Me and Brenda! You and Mai! And Venti a-and..." Ayato trailed off. I had to make myself clear on this."I'm sorry but I don't have a girlfriend. I have a boyfriend, Xiao." I said. Ayato and Teppei went quiet. Ayato was signaling to Teppei, he was disgusted at my words, ' I have a boyfriend.' I sunk into my seat, trying hard to not cry. Stupid, Homophobes. I thought to myself.

"Well you guys shouldn't make fun of people because of who they love." I snapped at them as I stood up and walked off. They stared at me, like a baby who just finished a tantrum. "Miss Xinyan? May I work by myself?" I asked. She thought for a bit. "Well since ya have high marks I can't decline that offer." She said, I thanked her as I skipped off. On my way back I gave a death glare to Ayato and Teppei. They shuddered, but this time in fear.

(Skip to lunch because yeah I'm lazy~)

I went to the cafeteria, and looked around. I saw 2 faces I didn't want to see. Teppei and Ayato. But who were the 2 girls with them? Oh, probably their girlfriends. "Venti~" I heard a soft voice from behind. I turned around to see my lover. "What are you staring at?" Xiao asked. "Homophobes..." I said under my breath. Unfortunately he heard me. His eyes narrowed down at the 2 boys, "let's go..." Xiao firmly said as he pulled me outside to a tree.

I looked at my watch, 2:05 PM only 35 minutes till after lunch. We were at a beautiful tree. Leaves a light green shade with forest green tint to it, wood so soft you could sleep on it. "Venti? You ok, those boys aren't ones you want to socialise with. They have a bad reputation and homophobic and-" I cut him off by putting my finger on his lips. "Hush Xiao, I'm fine!" I lied. He gave me worried eyes. "Oh...but-" I cut him off once again. "I said hush didn't I?" I reminded him. He sighed his hands resting on my shoulders. His eyes filled with concern.


"Xiao? Xiao?! XIAO!" I yelled. He looked up, tears building up. "Xiao?! You ok?!" I asked. He shook his head, I looked around to make sure no-one was around. "Venti...I'm sorry..." he trailed off. I looked at him, I felt so much guilt passing through me, "Venti, I remembered how much you hate homophobes, then you started to cry over it, and I don't want you to feel that way..." he said with concern in his voice. "Xiao..."I trailed off as I opened my arms for a hug. He dived right in, I patted his head. "Wanna head back to class, after we wash up your face." I smiled trying to change the mood as we walked from the tree.

We walked to the bathroom as I saw Brenda with Ayato, "AYATO Y-YOU IDIOT, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT! WE'RE OVER!" Brenda yelled. "Brenda i-" Ayato got cut off, "I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT, YOU CALLED A BOY GROSS FOR BEING GAY?! YOU MONSTER!" Brenda cut him off. Ayato looked speechless. "Busted..." Xiao whispered in my ear. I quietly laughed as I pushed Xiao in the bathroom.

As Brenda walked this way with Ayato still standing there speechless. "My barbatos, I'm sorry if I scared you. My bad." Brenda apologized. "Wait a minute? Aren't you the boy Ayato criticized?" She asked, I nodded my head. "My! I'm so very sorry for that idiot's behaviour, let me-" she was cut off by Xiao coming from behind. "Back off woman, he's mine~" he said knowing that Brenda wasn't trying anything with me. She laughed as she bowed, apologized and ran away to her class.

"What a nice lady!" I beamed, he nodded. I signalled that we should be off to our next class. Thankfully we both have art, which we have average grades on. "Ehe~ let's go then, shall we." I smiled. His face flushed with red. "Blushy Xiao~" I teased as he almost turned into a raspberry.

Atleast your happy now Xiao.

Word count: 875. Ok I think we know Teppei and Ayato right? I don't want people saying "Ayato and Teppei aren't homophobic!!" I had no idea. I just made up the two girls because why not. Yes I ship Thoma and Ayato. I had no idea on what characters to do for that.

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