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Venti's POV

I was in a dark room, no light, no people. Just me, alone. Xiao was nowhere to be seen, I slowly rose from the flimsy wooden chair to see a pair of narrow red eyes staring at me. "W-who are y-you? And where is X-Xiao?" I asked the abnormal creature. All I got was an blood curdling scream from the tall, slender, bone cracking, monster that stood before me.

I had to run, I looked behind me. It was running, head turning from side to side, laughing."Help me! Please..." I trailed off.
The monster's long arm picked me up and lifted its head up, opening its mouth, showing me it's large jagged teeth.


"Venti!" I heard a comforting yell. I sat up in bed, I broke in a cold sweat. "Ven...are you alright?" The comforting voice asked. I turned my head in the voices direction, I was so thankful to see my one and only Xiao.

"Just a nightmare..." I sobbed. Xiao focused on me with his eyes, as he sighed he opened his arms up for a hug, I couldn't accept. "Are you sure you're alright, I can get you some water if you wa-" he got cut off by Zhongli entering the room.

He gave Xiao a stare, "Why are you two still awake? You need sleep, you have school tomorrow." He yawned.
Xiao knew something was off, "I thought school was In 2 days-" Xiao questioned, Zhongli sighed and pointed to the calendar. "See? Tomorrow. Now you boys get some sleep or I won't be happy."

A smile curved on Xiao's face, I have no idea what he was thinking of doing now, "Say Zhongli, why are you up at this hour then?" Xiao's smile went even bigger. Zhongli's face went vibrant red, "N-nothing much, why'd you ask?" He stuttered.

"Zhongliiiiiiiiiii! Come back!"

Xiao and I looked at each other, Xiao stood up and pushed Zhongli out, "Now you get back with your husband and leave us alone." Xiao ordered.

As we heard Zhongli's footsteps fade away we gave each other a hug, "Hey Ven, what was your nightmare about, you don't have to tell me if you don't want." Xiao asked, I looked up at him and said, "Well this mutated stick man was chasing me and eventually he extended his long arms, and then he picked me up... and ate me."

Xiao just gave me a hug, "Let's go back to sleep now ok?" I nodded at his idea. As I laid down beside him, Xiao grabbed my hand underneath the blanket, "Love you, sleep well." Xiao yawned.

I love you to Xi.


I have finally published another chapter, my brain can't take this anymore. But I still try to write, my writers block is not helping, I probably should start to write a plot like I did with my other book. Hope you enjoy the next chapter. (If I've published it yet.)

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