𝟽- 𝙸'𝚕𝚕 𝙰𝚕𝚠𝚊𝚢𝚜 𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚈𝚘𝚞.

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Xiao's POV

Venti and I were on our way to my house when suddenly we crossed paths with Keqing and Ganyu. "What are you doing?" Ganyu asked me, " you read my mind, dear sister." I answered, Venti and Keqing were clueless on what is going on right now. Ganyu deadpanned her eyes to lay upon Venti. "Who's this?" She asked. In response we pointed to Keqing and said "who's that?" She looked at us in disgust. "Xiao, if you tell me what you're doing with that boy, I'll tell you what I'm doing." She suggested. "Well Ganyu, I'm taking my boyfriend to a sleepover?" I answered "same here, but my girlfriend" she pouted.

We nodded to each other as we grabbed our lover's arm. Venti giggled in response while Keqing just padded Ganyu's head as she yawned. "Babe, I'm sleepy." Keqing said. Ganyu dragged her through the door into her room.

Venti and I walked into my house through the kitchen to the living room where Zhongli and Childe were. "Ahh lookie who's here it's my favourite son Xiao!" Childe exclaimed. "And who is this?" Zhongli asked. I hesitated to speak, feeling unsure on how to tell my parents even though they're gay themselves. "H-he's my boyfriend, Venti." I stammered. Childe gave me a thumbs up in response. Zhongli gave me and Venti an ear to ear smile. "You found someone... I'm so proud of you." Zhongli added. Venti smiled at them while I was just off in my own world.

As we walked to my room. Venti looked around as he admired every part of my room. I flopped on my bed as Venti stared at a dead flower. "Xiao why do you have lots of dead flowers in your room?" He complained. I didn't respond. He was sick of me having dead flowers so he decided to use some of his anemo magic to heal the flower. To my surprise it was a Cecilia which shimmered brighter than the sun. Venti was so happy that it was reincarnated. I smiled at Venti then he just stood there staring at me with a red face.

"Xiao i-im scared." He shivered. This was random, because a second ago he was smiling like a child now tears are starting to build up on his face. I stood from my bed to give him a hug. "What about?" I asked. "People..." he answered. I was so confused. He always loved everyone like they were his people or something along those lines. "What do you mean?" I looked at the sobbing boy. "When w-we were holding hand h-halfway here, some people looked at us, dis-disgusted." He managed to say. Now he was crying, very quietly because he didn't want to wake up Ganyu and Keqing. "Venti don't worry about them, they just want to make us and every couple unhappy with their relationship." I reassured him. "T-thanks, that was nice to get off my chest." Venti said.

It was now 9:00pm fairly early for me, but for Venti, he was on the brink of falling asleep. 9:30pm now Venti finally closed his eyes. Laying next to me. After a while I could hear him tossing and turning. It was getting annoying but fortunately he woke up. I decided to go to sleep now but he kept nudging me. "What now?" I asked the sleepy boy. "I want a cuddle so we can sleep." He pouted. I gave in to the idea. "Fine..." I sighed as I opened my arms wide to be embraced in a warm hug by the person I love most in the whole world. 11:35 pm now I'm drifting off to sleep with Venti's head on my shoulder. Before I shut my eyes I ruffled the boy's hair.

Venti I love you, and will always love you.

Might not write for the rest of the day due to having a friend over so anyway enjoy the XiaoVen. Give me a heads up if you guys want some angst.

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