𝟷𝟿- 𝚅𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚒'𝚜 𝙳𝚛𝚊𝚠𝚒𝚗𝚐

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Venti's POV

Few weeks of being back at school;

"Babeee wakey wakey!" I heard from above me. I open my eyes to see Xiao on top of me, I sigh as I sit up and give him a hug. Xiao gets off and walks me out of his room to get some breakfast.

"Morning Xiao, Venti." Childe smiles, I smile back but Xiao continues to walk to the table, "Pancakes huh?" Xiao questions. I sat down next to him. "Where's Ganyu?" Xiao asks his father. Childe pauses and gives us a sheepish smile, "Well you see, you guys are late for school. Ganyu went without you..." We both slammed our knives and forks down and chucked on Xiao's clothes and ran off to school.

"Welcome late students, I'd like your name so I can give you a slip." The lady asked. After we gave our names we took the paper we ran to class. "Sorry Mr Kaeya sir, we won't be late again." I apologised as I handed him the notes. Xiao took a seat at the far left of the classroom. Obviously I sat next to him, Xiao grabbed my hand from underneath the table and smiled. I'm not gonna lie but his smile is really stress relieving and cute.

After class, Hu Tao tapped my shoulder, "Yo Venti, want a piece of paper and a pencil." Random question but I accepted and took the paper and pencil.

I head in my dorm, not only to find Xiao doing homework and cursing to himself, the smell of burning eggs. I dropped the paper and pencil in my hand, "XIAO? CAN'T YOU SEE?! YOUR BURNING THE EGGS!" i yelled at him before turning of the stove and disposing the black charcoal in the fry pan, "wait- I was cooking eggs?" Xiao seemed confused, if he didn't cook the eggs that means, uh oh I left the stove on while I was at school.

Once I did that I let Xiao peacefully continue doing his homework and I walked to my room. I saw some colouring pencils on my desk so I drew a picture of Xiao then coloured it.

Once I finished I ran out to show Xiao the picture I drew of him.

"Do you like it?" I asked as he grabbed the paper, he nodded and continued with his homework

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"Do you like it?" I asked as he grabbed the paper, he nodded and continued with his homework. Why was he doing his homework all of a sudden? "Ven? What 5×12? I completely forgot." He asked. I shook my head in disappointment as I wrote down 60 on his page.

He thanked me as I went to cook some golden crab for dinner. I took my drawing and hung it up on the fridge, "Xi do you like this?" I asked him as he turned his head to see the fridge. He gave me a thumbs up and threw the blunt pencil in the bin as he tidied up his books and paper.

He sat himself down at the table and picked up his chopsticks and started to eat the crab. I stared at the chopsticks in front of me, I hesitantly picked them up and tried to pick up a piece of the crab, "Can't you use chopsticks?" Xiao asked me. I sighed as I nodded.

Xiao let out a little chuckle and gave me a fork to eat the crab, "Easier?" I nodded as I put some crab in my mouth, "This is so good!" I said with food in my mouth, Xiao smiled as I shoved all the food down my throat.

I ran off to bed after, exhausted. I fell asleep immediately forgeting to change and wash up.


900 views? Almost 1000 I'm so thankful for all who read, vote, commented and followed. Anyway while I was writing i was having an argument with a friend on which Twin is best, Hikaru or Kaoru (Ouran highschool host club)  it's definitely Hikaru smh

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