𝟷𝟶- 𝟹 𝙼𝚘𝚗𝚝𝚑𝚜 𝙾𝚏 𝙵𝚞𝚗 𝙷𝚊𝚜 𝚂𝚝𝚊𝚛𝚝𝚎𝚍

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Xiao's POV

It was finally Friday afternoon, the last few minutes till summer break. So basically 3 months of hanging out with the boy I love most. "Classes listen up." Jean announced. "For the next 3 months you are able to stay at your dorm, as well as we will open up extra curricular classes to those who want to study more." She added. " She left the stage with a bow then Xinyan came up on stage. "Well howdy kids, the words everyone has been waiting for." She paused. "Classes dismissed♪" she sang, strumming a few guitar chords.

"Venti, wanna go to the tavern?" I asked. He whipped his head around, his pupils bigger than the sun. "You bet!" He beamed. He grabbed my hand and dragged me to the tavern.

"DILUCCCC!" Venti yelled as we entered. Diluc? Isn't he the vice principal? Must be his part-time job or something. "Ahhh- The bard and- who's this?" Diluc asked. "Xiao! My boyfriend!" Venti beamed, I turned my head in embarrassment. Diluc sighed as he went to fill up a glass of wine. Venti dragged me to the seat. I sat down next to him. As Diluc slid him the wine his eyes glistened. Within a minute the whole glass was gone. "And what do you want Xiao?" The red haired man asked me. "Uhhh- water?" I answered. He nodded and slid me a cup of water.

I glanced at Venti, "More please!" He begged. I sighed. 4 cups later, his face was red. "Diluc, no more for him ok. If he asks, give him water." I ordered. The man nodded. "Xiao~ you're *hic* no fun." Venti pouted. "I don't want you to get alcohol poisoning." I sighed. I decided that's enough and dragged drunk Venti out of the tavern and waved goodbye to Diluc.


I'm so tired of dragging around this complaining, drunk bard. "I wanna go to *hic* your place~" he whispered in my ear, causing shivers down my spine. "Oh ok then." I replied casually. He cheered as he pulled me to my house. As we were walking to my house, I grabbed Venti's hand and he thought it was a good idea to intertwine our fingers. My face flushed with red as he giggled. What a child, he hasn't learnt to grow up, just yet.

"Zhongli, Childe, we're home!" I yelled into the house. "Hello Xiao, Hello Venti!" Childe said. I looked around, no sign of Zhongli or Ganyu. "Where's Zhongli?" I asked. Childe sighed, "Ganyu begged him to go clothes shopping for her and Keqing's date." Childe replied. Good for Ganyu, she finally found someone, took her long enough.

I dragged Venti to my room. He looked at my clock, "Ugh- 5:00 too long till we can hang out again." Venti complained. He layed on my bed kicking his legs around. After a while I heard a knock on my door, "come in." I said. It was Childe, "Sorry for interrupting you guys, but Zhongli and Ganyu need some help. So I'll head to the shops ok. I'll be back soon." I waved him goodbye, as he left Venti's lips curved into a smile. "Hey Xiao~" Venti smirked. "What..." I nervously asked.

Venti grabbed a deck of cards. How random, I swear something isn't going to end well.

Venti went through the cards dropping them on the floor as he counted, "Ah ha I've *hic* found it.
A king of hearts. He ran to my desk running into the chair. He folded it into quarters and stood up again and wobbled over to me.

"Open your *hic* mouth." He commanded, I hesitantly opened it. He put the card in my mouth and forced me to chew it. I mean it tasted ok, the ink was very bitter. I got pretty pissed at this so I pushed him on the bed and tucked him in for bed.

"Xiaoooo, your no *hic* fun." Venti complained. "You wait here ok, i'm going to wash up and head to bed. Now you troublemaker, get some sleep." I sighed. As I walked to the bathroom I was trying to comprehend what just happened. Yes he is my boyfriend and all but that sudden.
How strong is alcohol really?


As I finished my shower I walked to my room to find Venti on the floor wrapped in blankets. I lifted him from the floor and laid him in bed. I laid beside him, as I tried to comprehend what happened. The thoughts flooded through my head. I turned around to face my wall.

What a unusual day this has been.


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