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Xiao's POV


Today was a Tuesday not any Tuesday, a Tuesday where Venti and I adopt a child,  "I can't believe I'm gonna be a father!" Venti said excitedly as he clinged onto my arm, almost ripping it off.

Once we both were ready to head to the adoption centre. Due to Venti being very excited, he forgot to even open the door of the car. "Owwie…" Venti whined as I walked over to him, I lifted their fringe and saw nothing but a light pink mark. I opened the door of the car, he jumped in it completely forgetting about how he hit his head.

I jumped in the car, as excited as my fiancé. The whole car ride Venti was just trying to calm himself down, but it was no use. "Why not play your lyre or something." I asked them, as soon as he heard that he swung around realising he forgot to bring his lyre. I sighed as I turned into the car park and parked my car.


"Welcome to The Teyvat Adoption Centre, how may I help?" The lady at the counter greeted us. Venti went up to her and told her about wanting a baby boy. I smiled at how happy he was about this. We walked in to where the 1-3 months old babies were. Venti grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight, "Thanks Xi for agreeing to my idea. I can't thank you enough." He beamed pecking me on the cheek.

The lady showed us the boys as Venti cooed at how cute they all were. "Some of them have names and some of them don't." The lady showed us the first baby, he was a chubby baby with blonde hair and blue eyes, "This is Max, he's 2 and a half months old." He had a lot of saliva going down his mouth, and for me he gave off this scary aura so we went to take a look at the next boy.

"This baby's name is Hiro, he only came in recently." Hiro had brown hair and brown eyes. He laughed a lot and Hiro was really loud. We had a look at other babies but there was one that drew Venti and I to adopt him.

"This baby here doesn't have a name yet." The lady announced, I assume Venti didn't hear her due to him staring at the baby boy, he had black hair and hazel eyes. The lady notices this child has caught our attention, "Is this the child you'd like to adopt?" She asked us with a smile on her face.

Venti looked at me, I nodded my head as Venti turned back to the lady and nodded his head. The lady picked the boy out of the crib and placed him in a stroller.


"In order to actually take this baby home you need to fill out his name and last name, and I must see that you have a safe children's car seat for you to drive him home." The lady stated like she's said that one million times. While the lady went to check that our car seat was safe, we filled in the information.

"I think Alatus would be a great name!" Venti smiled, "That's my last name…" I said under my breath just loud enough for him to hear. We stood in silence for a while until a name came to my mind, "Hey Venti, why not the name Angel?" I told him, it sounded very girly but Venti agreed to the name and wrote it down on the paper.

The lady came back and gave us a thumbs up, because our car seat was safe. Venti excitedly handed over our son's birth certificate.

Child's Name: Angel Der Himmel
DOB: 4-12-2021
Parent 1: Venti Der Himmel
Parent 2: Xiao Atalus

"Thank you, Angel here will be under your care and it will be your responsibility to take care of his well being. Oh and take the stroller as a congratulatory gift!" Venti placed a hand over his heart and thanked the lady and placed Angel in the stroller and we walked out the door, Venti linked our arms and smiled.

On the drive home Venti sat next to Angel in the back seat, "You know Ven you can't just give Angel all the attention~" I said in a teasing voice. Venti blushed, "N-no! I'll love you both!" I chuckled to myself.

Once we reached the house, Venti picked up Angel and placed him in his stroller. I unlocked the door, letting Venti in first then myself. I lock the door behind me, Venti and I walk into Angel's room, which Venti decorated with frogs, plants and anemo slimes. So basically a green aesthetic.

Angel's eyes started to close followed along with some yawns. We placed him in his crib, and he fell asleep instantly. I saw tears fall down my fiancé's face, I turned to him and cupped his cheek with one of my hands and wiped away the tears. We walked out quietly and let Angel sleep.

We sat on the couch, "I'm so happy! I can't thank you enough for agreeing to my idea!" Venti smiled giving me a peck on my lips. We stayed next to each other for a solid 20 minutes just thinking about our future. "Well Venti, you could give me a kiss, and that'll be enough~" I teased again.

Venti went into a blushing mess and I moved my head closer to his. Venti sat up at faced me, he put his forehead on mine and smiled, "Sure, Ehe~"

I wrapped my arms around his neck, planting a kiss on his lips. Our lips part and I smile which caused Venti to go even redder. We stood up and put some soft music on—which we had to turn down because of Angel— Once it started playing, Venti placed his hand on my waist and I grabbed their other hand. I rested my head on Venti's shoulder.

We danced for a while until we heard crying. Our heads perked up and we ran to Angels room to see him kicking around the blanket and crying. I told Venti to get to bed as I dealt with this, I picked Angel out of his crib and I held him in my arms. I heard Venti walk off into our room and come back with his lyre. I rolled my eyes at him as he gave me a sheepish smile.

Venti strummed a few strings of his lyre and sung Angel a lullaby, our son stopped kicking around and crying. I placed him gently back in the crib as Venti continued his song. After 5 minutes, Venti's song came to an end. I gave him a little clap, and be bowed. We walked out of Angel's room, and walked into ours. "Thanks for that V, I don't know if I wouldn've been able to calm him down without your song." Venti blushed at my compliment and flopped on our bed. I fell asleep next to him, "I love you Xiao…" "I love you to Venti…"

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