𝟷𝟸- 𝙷𝚊𝚙𝚙𝚢 𝙱𝚒𝚛𝚝𝚑𝚍𝚊𝚢 𝙰𝚗𝚐𝚎𝚕

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Few weeks into the summer break.

Venti's POV

I was walking around Monstadt, alone. Some people were staring at me because I'm slouching and complaining out loud, but I don't care because Xiao said to go for a walk while he does something. And who knows what this 'something' is, could be he's trying to fix something or do something, maybe make something. I looked around for something to do. I saw a calendar, June 16th. June 16th huh- wait today is my birthday! No wonder why Xiao said for me to go out, to do something. He's gonna throw a party for me! Such a sweet boy!

"Meow~" I heard from behind me, I froze in shock. Meow? What animal makes that sound, hmmm- CAT?! "Meow?" Another cat meowed. 2 CATS?! I turned my head slowly to see 4 cats behind me "AHHHHH!" I screamed. As I ran away, "A-ah-ACHOO!" I sneezed. The cat's following me? Why, I did nothing wrong! I sneezed once again, fu- i got interrupted by my gaze being caught by the tavern. The lights glimmering, people talking and music playing. I sneezed again as I walked to the tavern, the cats slowly walked back.

"Diluc!" I yelled as I entered the tavern, I looked around, no Diluc to be seen. "Hey you!" I ordered the bartender. "What is it sir?" He asked, I gave him a glare "where is Master Diluc?" I questioned, the man started to sweat "i-uh think he is out w-with the A-acting grandmaster j-j-jean." He stammered, I sighed as I turned around and walked out of the tavern.

What a boring day this has been, no Xiao, No Diluc, Cats. Can this day get any worse? Oh yes it can get worse. I was on my way back to my house, when I bumped into Kaeya. "Ow! Kaeya! Why'd you do that!" I pouted, "I could ask you the same thing." Kaeya replied, I stared at the pirate as Xiao appeared in my head, "Kaeya! Have you seen Xiao?" I beamed, he looked at me and said "uhh- about that, he wanted me to take you to your house!" He said.

Kaeya grabbed my wrist and dragged me to my house. Once we arrived I looked around, windows closed, no noise and no lights on inside. "Just wait here and count to 30 ok?" Kaeya asked as I nodded in return as he dashed through the door.

1...2...3...4...5 I counted 15...16...17...18 the numbers increased, I inhaled as I counted 28...29...30! I slowly opened the door, "hello? Anyone there?"

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Everyone shouted, Diluc, Kaeya, Jean, Xingqiu, Chongyun, Ei, Zhongli, Klee and many more faces. My eyes filled with tears of happiness. Xiao is nowhere to be seen, until. "VENTI!" A familiar voice yelled as I was embraced in Xiao's arms. "Happy birthday, my dear boyfriend." He whispered in my ear which caused shivers down my spine. I hugged him back, which caused all the adults to say 'aww how cute'

Once Xiao let go of me, he pecked my cheek and hugged me once more. After a while Klee shouted in her cute voice, "Present time!" We all started to walk to the lounge room, gifts stacked on the table. I sat next to Xiao clinging to his arm. The first person to give me a present was Diluc. It was wrapped in white and red paper and a yellow bow around it, which seemed like Christmas themed, but who cares it's the thought that counts. "A wine bottle?!" I shouted. I placed the bottle beside me and let go of Xiao and stood up to shake his hand, as I thanked him continually.

The next present was from Ei. She handed me a purple box with an Inazuman pattern engraved in it. I opened the box to see a flower pin, a Cecilia with a Inazuma touch to it. "Thank you so much Ei!" I thanked her. Next was Klee and Diona's gift. I got handed a card with eligible handwriting that said, 'To mister Venti, hope you have a great day with your friends and boyfriend. From the Great Diona and master Klee!' and inside the card was a beautiful keychain with a picture of an apple inside it. "Aww shucks you 2! Thanks" I thanked Diona and Klee.

After everyone gave me their presents all that was left was Xiao's, a teal wrapping and beige bow and a heart. I looked at him, he smiled, eyes closed. As I opened the gift, I saw a card. I decided to read the card first before looking at the present. "Read it out loud!~" Kaeya suggested, I looked at Xiao once more, he nodded.
"To my dearest Venti, I hope you are blessed with a wonderful day and enjoy your time with family and friends, and of course me. I'm so grateful that you are my boyfriend, and I wish you a wonderful birthday. Lots of love- Xiao <3" I announced, blush filled out faces. I opened the box, to reveal a necklace, not any ordinary necklace, a necklace with beautiful small jade beads with a small Cecilia at the bottom of it. I put on the necklace, to see everyone gasping in awe. I do agree it's beautiful, and because Xiao made it!

The party continued for a while, as Kaeya got drunk Jean and Diluc had to drag him home, so unfortunately they left early.

Thank you Xiao, I love you.


NOOOOOO :( only 927 words I wanted atleast 1000, but this makes up for the last short chapter, I just thought it be best to have a birthday on here! Anyways (I love saying 'anyways') I'm running out of idea's so please don't hesitate to comment some down!

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