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Xiao's POV

Venti recently became my fiancé and I wanted to do something, like bowling, roller skating, just go somewhere with him you know.

I walked into the kitchen and saw Venti cooking some food. I stood behind him and draped myself on his back, arms around his waist. "Morning Xi! Did you sleep well?" He asked. I nodded and peered over his shoulder to see what he was making. Pancakes, made by Venti, I wonder how these will turn out.

I placed myself at the table and stared at Venti cook. He was so concentrated on cooking that he wasn't aware of his phone going off, which was pretty loud.

Venti finally finished cooking our breakfast, he happily spun around and placed the pancake on my plate, "Bón appetit!" He smiled. His smile makes my day, I smiled back which caused him to go into a blushing mess.

Once we finished our breakfast and washed our dishes. I started to pack some gear for a Theme Park visit with Bennett and Razor. Venti walks past my room and leans on the door frame wondering what I'm doing, "Xi? What are you doing?" He walked into my room and started messing with my PC set up.
"Just packing for our hangout with Bennett and Razor." I told him. "And where is this?" He asked me and leaned over my shoulder to see what I'm putting in my bag. I told him it's a surprise but he was desperate to know. Before I accidentally spoil the surprise I told Venti I wouldn't tell him, in the end he gave up and walked out.


I told Venti once we were close to the Theme Park to close his eyes, we casually walked in getting our tickets and finding Razor and Bennett. "Babeeee, when can I see again?!" Venti complained. I smiled and uncovered his eyes, the smile on his face was as big as ever. It grew as he saw Bennett waving his hands above his head with Razor by his side.

"Venti! It's so good to see you again!" Bennett called out as Venti sat down on the picnic rug. While Venti was catching up with Bennett I looked around the park, roller coasters, gravatron, pool, water slides, food stalls and more Theme Park items, I turned halfway and saw a haunted house. A smile crept upon my face as I knew that Venti hated haunted houses.

"Razor, want to go on roller coaster." Razor stated which caused Bennett to take his hand and skip off to the roller coaster queue, Venti ran after them so it was normal for me to do the same.

The cart had 4 seats, 2 at the front and 2 at the back. Venti and I sat in the front while the other couple sat in the back, "Xi, if I die-" I snapped my head at him before he could finish his sentence. I held his hand tight so he wouldn't 'die'. " I was gonna say, you're going to pay my funeral bills-" he finished. I looked away in embarrassment, you could see the look on Bennett's face as he watched us.


The roller coaster started and Venti held my hand tighter. The cart was going straight up, Bennett was holding Razor and the metal bar for dear life as we reached the top of the rail. "HOLY SHI-AHH!" Bennett screamed as the rollercoaster went straight down. Razor was just sitting there, not worrying about anything. Venti was just screaming his head off while I was admiring the park and seeing what to do next. But that all stopped when the coster took a sharp turn and my head flung forward and hit the metal bar. "What the hell?" I said slowly sitting up as the cart came to a stop. "How was that?" The worker asked. Venti nodded while Bennett gave his signature thumbs up, Razor looked away from Bennett to hide his blushing face.

We all slowly walked out and back to our picnic rug and tent, "Jeez, I can't believe we didn't malfunction." Bennett sighed. Venti went to open his mouth but didn't say anything, "No Benny do not say bad things about yourself, Razor will not let you." Razor said, holding Bennett's hands and trying to speak genuine as possible.

We all sat down on the rug and began to eat some food, Venti was mindlessly eating strawberries, and Bennett and Razor were just eating some apples while I only had a few sips of water. "Hey! Do you guys want to do the haunted house?" Bennett asked. Before Venti could say anything, I put my hand over his mouth and screamed out 'yes'.

Venti gave me a disappointed look which didn't make me feel guilty one bit. I stood up and extended my arm to help my fiancé up, "Care to join me lad?" I said with a very posh accent. Venti blushed and took my hand. Razor and Bennett were already on their way to the haunted house. Venti and I caught up eventually.

"Just b-be careful of the decorations hanging dow- down from the roof." The female worker tried to say but was too busy blushing at Venti, I held Venti's hand and kissed him on the cheek to show the lady that he's already taken by me. We walked in and it was pitch black until a silhouette of a ghost appeared, and a bloody corpse on the floor. Venti screeched and jumped into my arms hiding his face away.

Razor kept running into walls while Bennett was hiding right behind him, Venti kept jumping every time he heard a noise. We walked into a large room, pitch black. I felt Venti's grip get tighter as we all walked to the middle of the room.

"Naughty... Naughty...it's past your bedtime...Hahaha!"

Venti screamed as loud as he could and jumped into my arms shoving his head in my chest, Bennett on the other hand screamed and hid his head even more. Red eyes came from above, spinning head with a moon aesthetic, stars. It was really beautiful until flour dropped on my head and the lights came on.

"What. The. Hell" I said slowly. Safely dropping Venti on the floor, I shook out my hair getting flour all on the floor. Razor turned his head behind noticing some staff members. "Well done you lot, you're the first people who made it to this room today!" The male employee congratulated us.

The man showed us the exit. He opened the door as we walked out, Venti still shaking a little bit. We walked back to our picnic spot and had a little to drink.

We had a lot of fun until it was time to part ways. We packed up and waved our goodbyes to the other couple and ran towards the car. I turned the key, and Venti was looking at his nails, noticing he chipped one.

"Xiao, why'd you take me into that wretched house?" Venti asked me as we were on our way home. I pretend I didn't hear him as turned up the music. Venti opened his mouth and gasped, I turned to him, still focused on the road as he signalled for me to listen to the music. I listened to the romantic music and held Venti's hand. He blushed, noticing I took the wrong turn.


We were finally at home, Venti flopped onto bed slamming his head into the pillow. I sat down beside him and held his hand, "Xi? Do you need anything?" He asked which came out muffled. "Your attention~" I chuckled. Venti sat up and opened out his arms. I gladly accepted his offer and launched myself into his chest nuzzling my head in the crook of his neck. I heard him giggle and say, "Ehe~ I like- no I love this side of you Xiao!" I blushed at his compliment.

We stayed hugging for about an hour until Venti began to speak, "Xiao I think we need some sleep, we had a pretty big day you know..." I sat up and looked at Venti staring into his childish aqua eyes. I pressed my lips on his, a kiss full of love and hope for the future. Venti cupped my cheeks, the feeling of his hands were warm. And it made me feel safe. Our lips parted as we gasped for air and went back in for another kiss.

Once it was 11:30 PM, I laid my head against Venti's chest as I heard his slow heartbeat. "I love you Xiao, and you can't do anything about it, ehe~" he laughed. I placed my hand on my chest, "Thank you Venti, if not for you I would've never felt this happy in my life. I love you..." I smiled, pecking him on the cheek. He held my hand as we drifted off to sleep in each other's warmth.

I don't know what I would do without you my love.

OMIGOD WE DID IT, WE FINISHED THE BOOK, SJAJDBJSH. I'm internally crying rn, because once I was finishing up the last paragraph 'Two Birds On A Wire' began to play. I'd also love to thanks everyone whose been here since the first chapter. Don't worry it's only the main story that ended. I take requests for oneshots in the comments. I also finished this at 11:00 PM on New year's Eve, happy new years!!! See you guys in 2022<3

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