𝟸- 𝙸𝚜 𝙸𝚝 𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎?

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Xiao's POV

In class I have to sit next to Venti, he's the type everyone wants to befriend. I hate his type, they're just so annoying, so extroverted and so cute- wait what am I thinking… I look up from my desk and take a glance around, "Heyyyy Yunyun~" I hear from the left. The light blue haired boy looks up and holds the other boy's hands, "Hello Xingqiu! I hope we're in the same dorm ahaha…"

Just imagine being in a loving relationship.

I go back to minding my own business until I feel a tap on my shoulder, "Hey emo boy wanna be my friend?" I give him a disgusted look, "Emo boy? What the hell dude." Venti Looks away and blushes. "Sooo 'emo boy' do you want to be my friend...or not?" I dramatically turn my head to face him, I don't see why I can't befriend him, but I'll get the name 'Emo boy', why not. "Sure whatever."

Venti smiles at me, I never want to see that smile go… I snap out of thinking these thoughts as Jean silences the class, "I know today will be exciting, because we'll be doing no school work-" The headmistress got cut off by cheers from the class. "But- you'll be moving into dorms that we organised!" She cheered. A few others cheered while others sighed.


l look at the paper hesitantly as I try to find my name, "EMO BOY, EMO BOY, you're in my dorm~" I slam my hand on the table, drawing attention. Venti chuckles as I dramatically slam my head on the desk and complain.

I saw Jean trying to silence everyone, but the noise from like 50 ecstatic teenagers. Diluc stepped into the classroom and raised his hand, everyone went silent as Jean thanked him with a peck on the cheek as he exited. "A-as I was saying, you guys have permission to leave campus and set up your dorm and meet with your dorm mate!"

(Skip to these oblivious lovebirds packing)

Inside the dorm there was a nice kitchen as well as there were 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. I thought it was a granny flat, but Venti on the other hand seemed to think it was like a paradise. I just finished unpacking. All my room is is just a bed, a few posters, drawers and a dead flower. I heard a tune coming from Venti's room, sounded like a lyre. I went to his room and knocked on the door and said. "Hey what's that sound?" That sounded a bit harsh. "Coming!" He said yet again in his cheerful tone. He opened the door to reveal himself as well as his, 'better' decorated room.

" I heard music, you play? Or is it from your phone…" Venti showed me his lyre, "It's a family heirloom, I didn't see why I shouldn't play it but yeah, I do play…" I shut Venti's door as I walked back to my own room, I grabbed my guitar and strummed a few strings and hummed a tune as I remembered how my father's got together.

[Flash Back]

"Xiao?" "Yeah?" Childe came in with a ring on his left hand. "What's the ring for?" I asked "About that-" he got cut off by Zhongli coming through the door with a wide grin on his face, which is unusual for him. "Xiao. Ajax here is now my husband, so your new father!" Zhongli explained, Zhongli was happy? He was loved? "Hey Zhongli?" I asked nervously, he turned his head to face me. "Congratulations!" I was happy?

When will I love?

Hello once again! I hope you liked that chapter! I won't update today cause I'm going shopping! Bye for now.

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