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Venti's POV

I looked into Xiao's gorgeous amber eyes before I shut my own. Xiao pressed his lips on mine, his lips were warm and soft. I wrapped my arms around his neck. We continued the kiss for a while until our lips parted and we took deep breaths to get some air.

"I uhh- thanks Xiao..." I trailed off still stunned from the kiss we shared. He smiled at me as he went to grab my next present. "I walked around Mondstadt and picked the most lively flowers I could find." He told me. I looked down at the bouquet of Mondstadt flowers.

Cecilia, Windwheel asters, Lamp grass and a few sweet flowers. I looked at Xiao not only to find a sweet smile, but a bashful red face. I decided to make my boyfriend even more flustered than he was.

As I was trying to find words on how to give Xiao my present he decided to get a glass vase and fill it up with water and stick the bouquet in it. "It looks really pretty! Thank you so much Xi!" I thanked him. "Pretty like you~" Xiao teased, lately every time he teases me he manages to make my face go red, not any red. The most brightest and boldest shade of red there could ever be.

I ran to my room to grab my present for Xiao. I slowly walked out of my room with a little velvet box in my hand, Xiao's face flushed when he saw the box. I asked him to stand still. I got down on one knee and opened up the box to reveal a silver ring with black details on it.

"Xiao, will you marry me?"

Xiao stood frozen, red and happy I guess. And of course I informed Zhongli and his family about this occasion and plus it took a lot of convincing.

"Venti... YES I WILL!" He screamed. And as he screamed the answer I dreamed for, Zhongli, Tartaglia, Ganyu, Qiqi were all waiting at the front door, cheering for their son and brother. Xiao embraced me with a loving hug and kisses.

I slid the ring on Xiao's finger as he smiled. I haven't seen him smile like this since I confessed. Xiao hugged me once again but this time I could hear him crying. I patted his back which caused tears to run down my face.


"You guys wanna get this party started?" Tartaglia asked, ruining the moment. Xiao rubbed his eyes and nodded. Ganyu kept looking at her phone waiting for a notification from Keqing, but the fifth time she did Keqing came rushing through the door and into Ganyu's arms.

"Zhongli~" Tartaglia smiled as he wrapped his hand around his arm, as well as making some sly innuendos. Xiao was really happy you could see it on his face. "Ahh Venti, did you like your Christmas present?" Zhongli asked Xiao's face went red and he turned away. "Present? I got two?" I answered, I glanced back at Xiao whose face was red. Zhongli looked confused and said, "I mean the flowers, Xiao picked. And of course he can't take all the credit, I wrapped them up."

Xiao pushed Zhongli away to go annoy Tartaglia and not then. I looked at Xiao his eyes were still puffy and red but a smile was on his face. "Ven? How'd you get this ring?" He asked, he knew I wasn't all that rich. " Well Diluc paid me when I played my lyre at the tavern, so I couldn't buy any wine I had to save up ehe~" I laughed, Xiao looked at me in shock, and gave me a kiss on my cheek then a long hug. "I guess now you should save for the wedding~" Xiao teased.


Later Tartaglia made cake for everyone, (with lots of help from Zhongli and Keqing)
I ran to the table pulling Xiao along with me. I had a piece of cake and I really didn't like it. So I plopped all my cake on Xiao's plate and started feeding him. Ganyu and Keqing were doing the same. "Why does no one like me cake." Tartaglia complained noticing that really no one was eating it. " I do." Zhongli told him bluntly. Tartaglia's pale face turned a bright red as he turned away. I looked at Xiao as he sighed, "Dirty mind." He whispered in my ear.

Once every 'finshed' their cakes, and Xiao's family left it was only us two left. It was time for us to go to sleep. We got dressed and since Xiao for got his clothes he had to wear mine. He came out looking like a girl. "Awwwweee Xi you look so cute!' I cooed at him which cause him to blush.

We laid beside each other in bed. Just talking about nothing until Xiao grabbed my hand. "Venti...I thank you for today, it was the best day in my life." He smiled followed by a small chuckle. I told him it was no biggie and we drifted off to sleep.

Hello it's me again, I'd like to say that I'm ending this book. (I'll add one more chapter then it's done.) I thank you all for reading and getting this far. I'll be working on other books now but I may do a few one shots yeah. The next, final, very last chapter will be pretty long so I guess it won't come out for about a week or so and will consist of Rannett<3333 Have a great day/night!!

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