𝟸𝟷- 𝙵𝚘𝚛𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛?

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Xiao's POV

It was a bright sunny day in Liyue. I got up from bed and grabbed my phone. I had a message from Venti.

Best Bf Ever: Merry Christmas Xi !!!<3333

Adeptus Ciao: Wtf Christmas is on the 25th-

Best Bf Ever: Yeah and that's today...

I look up at my calendar and I hate to admit it but I was wrong.

Adeptus Ciao: oh-

Best Bf Ever: Silly Xiao! Anyways, can you come over? I'm lonely this Christmas

Adeptus Ciao: I'll go, my parents will probably let me due to Ganyu going over to Keqing's

Best Bf Ever: Alrighty then, see you later. I Love you<3

Adeptus Ciao: Love ya too!

I put down my phone and head out to get some breakfast, I still can't believe that Venti lives alone? Doesn't he have parents in some form?


I walk down the hallway and into the kitchen to find Qiqi opening some presents. "Merry Christmas Xiao." She noticed my presence. Tartaglia gave me a thumbs up and Zhongli nodded his head.

"Has Ganyu left already?" I asked, Tartaglia was stumped at my question, Zhongli finished his tea and gave the cup to his husband to wash. "Ganyu left to go to Keqing's as you already know. And you'll be going over to Venti's I presume?" Zhongli informed me. I nodded my head as I went back to my room to get the presents for my family.


First I gave Qiqi her present, it was a bottle of coconut milk. She absolutely loved it and kept nagging Tartaglia to open it. Then since the ginger was already occupied with opening Qiqi's bottle I gave Zhongli his present. It was a frame with a photo of our family in it. Zhongli, Tartaglia, Ganyu, Qiqi and I, "Thank you for this Xiao." Zhongli smiled.

Now it was Tartaglia's turn, I plastered a smile on my face and gave him my present. Once he unwrapped it and opened the box, he froze for a few seconds and picked up a pair of chopsticks. "I uhh thanks Xiao, I learn how to use these I guess." He thanked me.

It was 9:00 AM now and I was ready to head off to Venti's place. I waved goodbye to everyone, and made my way to Mondstadt. Once I reached Mondstadt all that was left to do was find Venti's place. I managed to find his house within 5 minutes.

I knocked on the door knowing he'd throw himself into my arms, which I was ready for. I opened the door, Venti wasn't around. I'm sure he must've not heard me or something.

I walked inside to only be tackled on the floor but scared to death. I must have screamed weirdly because Venti was just laughing at me. "Merry Christmas Xiao!" He beamed as he pecked my cheek. He stood up and helped to lift me up too.

I decided now was a good time to give Venti my present's'. "Hey V! I want to give you my present." I asked, he came running from the kitchen to the couch so I could give him his present's'.

"Close your eyes~" I teased. Venti did as I said while being clueless that I actually have two presents.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!! (if you Celebrate.) I was really hesitant on writing this because I didn't want to make it unfair to those who don't celebrate. I hope you all have a AWESOME day/night. Also make sure to read my Kazuichi Soda X reader! If you play/watch Danganronpa. Third last chapter hehehehe

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