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Xiao's POV

I woke up in bed, beside Venti. He was fast asleep. I just layed in bed until I heard a certain ringtone. I slowly turned to my alarm which is making this interesting music. Before the alarm clock goes berserk and wakes up Venti, I slammed my hand on the button.

"X-xiao?" A quiet voice questioned. "What's all this noise so early?" The voice yawned. I turned over to look at Venti. I had to admit the bed hair on Venti looked pretty cute. I felt heat across my face, I tried to hide it but Venti saw my face and smiled. "Blushy Xiao~" he teased. I sighed in defeat.

I looked at my alarm clock, "oops." I said as I saw metal strips, clock hands and a piece of paper? I slid the remaining clocks into my bin, "Xiao? Did you smash your clock?" Venti asked. I nodded in response as I rolled back in bed with the piece of paper in my hands. I went to open it and within seconds Venti grabbed it and jumped off the bed and ran to the corner of my room.

"Well now I have a ninja in my room." I sighed as I got out of bed. Venti eagerly opened the paper, after he read it he sighed and handed me the paper. I took it from his hands and it read;

Dear my son Xiao

Took you long enough to find this

Please stop breaking your clocks

Your father can't buy you another one

That's all I needed to say

From your dad- Ajax

I scrunched up the note as well as my face. "What a dickhead." I yelled as I slammed my face in my pillow. Venti looked confused as hell, but he did what any normal person would do. He sat down next to me and stroked my back. "What wrong?" Venti asked. I sat up in bed, "it's just that Ajax always does this..." I trailed off "he always tells me 'your father has no money.' 'Stop breaking stuff.' over and over again." I sighed

Venti shook his head, "Xiao, I think you misunderstood them. They only want what's best, if they keep spending money on you because of your broken objects, you'll eventually become...you know, poor." He reassured me, I couldn't disagree with him because I've broken a lot of things lately and I probably put a dent on the family's budget.

I nodded at Venti's reassuring words. "Random question, but when do we have to go back to school?" Venti asked, trying to change the mood. I looked at my calendar.

"3 days."

Venti looked disappointed, "What!? I wanted to spend more time with you!" Venti whined. I looked at him, "Well we can plan out all 3 days then?" I asked, leaving the planning up to Venti. He thought to himself for a while. Until it looked like a thought shot to his head, based on the expression on his face.

"Today we can have cuddles! Tomorrow we can go shopping around liyue, then the next day we can..." he trailed off. I assumed he didn't think of anything for Sunday. "We could go to the tavern~" I said hoping for a cute reaction.

But no, Venti didn't seem interested in the Tavern, he just nodded. I looked at him in confusion hoping that he misheard me. I decided just to ignore it, and we can head to the tavern on Sunday.

Another thought struck Venti in the head. "We can watch a horror movie together!" Venti beamed.

Horror movies? I sure do love those, but can Venti handle it?

I sent Venti to get food and drinks while I set up blankets and pillows. And since Venti let me pick the movie I picked one of my all time favourites. IT

I took the disc out of the case and put it in the video player. I paused it as it stared to play. Venti finally arrived back with a whole bunch of food. He even bought almond tofu!

Venti saw the disc case, I could see him get goosebumps. He jumped down Infront of me so I just hugged him back like a teddy bear.

I clicked start on the remote.

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