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Xiao's POV

The day after Venti's birthday. Venti hadn't come out for breakfast yet. My father's continuously texting me and asking if I was doing ok. I kept replying with 'I'm ok, I'm at Venti's house.' A few minutes later I heard footsteps coming from the hallway, and a boy swung around the wall. It was Venti, wearing a white collard shirt, with a green vest over top, light blue baggy jeans, the Flower clip that Ei gave him. I averted my eyes to his neck and saw the necklace that I gave him, "Good morning~" Venti smiled running towards me, I smiled back. "Good morning dear!"

Venti looked like he was in a rush. I watched him eat his breakfast, put his shoes on, and run out the house without even saying goodbye. I knew something was off, but I couldn't tell what. So I decided to get ready for the day, I looked at what is for breakfast. I decided to have a Teyvat fried egg. I Shoved it down just like Venti did. I stood up, washed my plate and fork. I slipped on my shoes and walked out the door locking it behind, Venti was in such a rush that he left his keys.

I ran outside and frantically looked around for my boyfriend, nowhere to be seen. I ran to the tavern and asked Diluc where he was. "I saw him on my way here. He was running out of Monstadt." Diluc said, once I heard that I instantly ran out of the tavern and headed straight out of the gate and ran towards windrise.

There I was, standing at windrise looking around. Venti was nowhere to be seen, tears were slowly forming in my eyes. I looked around once more. I had no hope left. I thought I'd be better off walking around Windrise's tree. After I walked a few laps of the tree, my eyes started to tear up again. I wish Venti was here.

The moment I thought that, I heard a soft tune, not a flute or violin. Like a lyre maybe. I stood still trying to track where the music was coming from, I looked up to see a boy, a beautiful one indeed. My heart started to fill up with hope once again, "Venti? Is that you?" I called out. "Mhm~ sure it is!" The bard exclaimed. Within seconds I started to climb the tree, I swiftly but carefully ran on the branch to sit next to my lover.

"I-i thought you disappeared!" I yelled as I hugged Venti and kissed his forehead. "Well sorry Xiao, I wanted to set up this date spot that's all..." Venti apologized. "Well next time don't run off without telling me, I was worried sick about you. Now that I think about it, that's the second time you've done that to me." I replied. As always Venti laughed it off as I sighed. I understood what Venti said, ' I wanted to set up this date spot.' I looked at him, my face a light pink, as he smiled. "Sooo is this like a date or something?" I asked the boy. Venti nodded in return as he dragged me off the branch and to a special place.

As Venti dragged me I admired his beauty and personality, the grass dusting past our legs. This felt...somewhat familiar. Venti dragged me to a picnic rug with food and wine, 2 pillows as well. I sat down on the mat laying into Venti's arm. Venti looked happy, not like how he looks everyday, like he was actually happy. "Hey Xiao! Do you remember this place!" Venti beamed. I looked around and thought for a bit. "Hmmm-" until it hit me, when Venti confessed to me, I blushed in realisation, "Where you confessed to me, am I right~" I smiled as I held one of his hands in mine. "You sure are right!" Venti smiled.

It was about dusk time, our food was gone, drinks finished. Even though Venti drank my wine. I stood up and pulled Venti with me, I walked alongside the flowers and soft winds. I intertwined our fingers and spun around, just like we did on our confession. As we were spinning we fell over and bruised my leg, really badly.

I fell on top of Venti, his face was flushed with blush. A small smile formed on my face and within 3 seconds flat I slammed my lips on Venti's, and at first he was surprised then his eyes gave a flutter and slowly closed.

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