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Xiao's POV

It was a Sunday, not any ordinary Sunday. A Sunday where I have to stay at the school and not see my fathers.

"Vennnnnnn I'm bored as hell." I complained, "I thought hell would be a fun place?" Venti laughed. I rolled my eyes and stood up to get some water, "Xi I think you should practice some poetry today!" My boyfriend exclaimed I looked at him in confusion, poetry? How could I ever write something that rhymes? Sounds like what little children do.

Venti gave me some puppy dog eyes and a...pen? I couldn't decline his request with that adorable look on his face. I took the pen and sat at the table and scribbled down some words.


Venti looked puzzled at the words I wrote down, "Is this poetry?" I asked. Venti started to laugh and shake his head, "No silly! The words need to rhyme." I sighed and thought of some rhyming words.


I couldn't think of any more words that end with 'at', I gave a long sigh and looked at Venti for some help. I saw him facepalm and began to say a few words. "In all the world there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world there is no love for you like mine." I looked at him in shock.

Venti smiled, "See they need to rhyme or be repetitive." I nodded and thought for a while, what words could possibly resemble my love for Venti?

"I'll give you some time ok? Make sure to finish it though or you'll get punished!" Venti commanded me. He shut the door behind him and left me to do as he said.

I took my phone and plugged in my headphones and put some music on. What to write? Who knew poetry was so hard, and how did Venti make that up oln the spot. Well he does write in that poetry book alot, that explains lots of it.

I wrote down a few words, which somehow formed a sentence which formed a paragraph.

"YES I DID IT!" I yelled out which caused Venti to burst open my door and run to me. I showed him my poetry.

Who was I before?
I don't remember.
Nor do I want to
Remember a time without you.
Where was I before?
I don't remember.
I just knew
When I found you.
I had come home.

Venti wiped an invisible tear from his eye.
"Awwwww Xi... I love it! It's perfect!" He beamed as he gave me a hug around my neck and pecked my cheek. I hugged him back.

Venti went to the storage cupboard to find a frame to put my poetry in. I told him he didn't need to frame it but he insisted.

I smiled at Venti while he was so focused on framing my masterpiece. Once he finished he dragged me to the couch and placed the frame on the table so everyone could see it.

He gave me a big hug while we watched some useless TV.

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