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Xiao's POV

I walked into Venti's room, I sighed as I went to wake him up. He still was dressed in his clothes for yesterday and had oily hair.

"Wake up." I scolded, "hmm? Xiao, why am I in trouble?" Venti yawned. He went to sit up and scratch his head, "Ewww my hair feels gross, bleh." He complained. He stood up- ignoring me- and went to have a shower.

I went to sit on the couch until I heard a few noises from the roof. I stood up and walked to the window to have a look outside. Rain, which means no school today. I cheered silently and walked back to the couch.

Minutes later Venti came out of the shower, he was wearing his uniform and wet hair, "V, it's raining heavily so no school today." I reminded him. He spun around and went back to his room to get dressed. He came out wearing my hoodie and some khaki green pants, "How do I look?" He asked, "Handsome, as always."

Venti blushed at my compliment and placed himself beside me on the couch. I went to grab my sketchbook and a pencil and a few colours. I drew a picture of some Qingxin and Cecilia in a vase. Venti watched me draw the entire thing, from start to finish.

Once I finished Venti smiled and hung it on the fridge like almost every other thing I drew. It was still raining and there was nothing to do. Venti suggested we play Super Smash Bros. I accepted but it wasn't as fun because Venti kept picking Pit and I always used him so I had to choose Marth. And of course Venti won all the rounds except for when I used Kirby in the last round. I fell asleep for a while due to not having enough sleep last night.

"Xiaooooo~" I hear from above, I open my eyes to smell alcohol. "Ven? Have you had some wine?" I asked, I sat myself up to look at his wobbly posture, "Uhhhh *hic* I may have a little *hic* bit, ehe~" he laughed as I went to get him some water.

I felt a pair of hands latch onto my shoulders. I turn my head to face the drunkard. He gave me a sheepish smile and grabbed the water from my hands and skipped to the sink to pour it in the sink. "Oopsie~" he 'apologized' I sighed and placed Venti down on the couch and went to get another drink of water.

This time I made him drink the water by holding up his head and pushing the cup in his mouth. When he swallowed he gave me a disgusted face, "Bleh *hic* it tastes gross." He pushed the cup away. I sighed as I picked him up and went to the balcony and placed him in the rain, locking the door behind me.

"Xiao! It's so *hic* cold out here!" He banged on the door. As he kept banging and trying to get my attention he started to mischievously smile at me. "You know Xi, I'm wearing *hic* your hoodie and I'm getting wet, *hic* so your hoodie is soaking wet~" I immediately let him in and took my hoodie off of him and put it in the washing machine and turned it on hoping it would be alright.

I went to get a towel for Venti, but when I came back I found him fast asleep on the couch.



Christmas is here already. have a Merry Christmas and a safe new year to those who celebrate!!! And while I was writing this one of my friends broke up with her boyfriend, that's why it took forever to publish.

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