𝟹- 𝙷𝚎'𝚜 𝙽𝚘𝚝 𝙼𝚢 𝙱𝚘𝚢𝚏𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚍!

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Xiao's POV

I hear a voice but I ignore it, "Xiao?" I hear the same voice again, "Oh no, is Xiao sick?" I hear a different voice. I see a hand go to touch my forehead but I slap it away, "owwie...That hurt you know?" I playfully roll my eyes as I touch my own face, I do feel pretty hot, I mean because I am. "Venti, please how would I get sick?" Venti looked at my face again, I felt my face heat up even more.

I stared at my friend thinking, "Ohhh! Does Xiao here have a little crush on someone~" I sat up as fast as I could, "Pfft- Why would I like someone?!" I deny but it only leads Venti to gain more curiosity. "If you're gonna deny it that much, why not spill the beans?" I covered my face feeling my hands warm up.

Do I like Venti? No, that's impossible...


Venti and I walked to the cafeteria to eat something, "Do you want anything?" He beamed, I stared dumbfounded at his smile, "Xiao? C'mon stop thinking about your crush or whoever you're thinking about…" I tell Venti it's no one but he refuses to agree. "Oooh lookie who! It's the emo boy with his boyfriend!" I raise an eyebrow and curl my fingers into a fist, I walk over to Hu Tao, "You picking a fight?"
Hu Tao shrugged as Venti and Yanfei started to back away.

"So you do really have feelings for that little good for nothing hehe…" Hu Tao laughed, I rolled my eyes as I grabbed her collar and lifted her off the ground, I raised my fist getting ready to land a blow but I was stopped by no one other than Venti, "XIAO! Please stop!" He called out, I lowered Hu Tao and Yanfei held her Back just in case she launched at me.

A few moments later I heard heels clicking against the floor, "Xiao, Hu Tao detention now!" Ningguang, the student council president, shouted walking up to us with her 'Gucci' heels. No it wasn't her herself she had Beidou the president of the Pirate club. Venti hated Beidou with every last blood cell in him. "Ningguang... I just can't wait to stare at a piece of paper with the school rules written on it!" Hu Tao said sarcastically and then gave me a dark glare. All the 2 girls did in response was roll their eyes and walk off. We followed them, backs slouch. Venti and Yanfei were just apologizing to each other for their friend/girlfriends actions.


"Hu Tao, listen up." I ordered the brown haired woman. "Yeah what?" Her answer just shocked me, the tone she spoke in wasn't like her at all. She was normally like 'What do you want' or like 'Shut up'. I smiled at her "Thanks to your shenanigans I can't help Venti study!" Hu Tao's response was a sly little smile. What lewd thoughts were on that girl's mind? "You really do care about your boyfriend after all." She smiled. "WH-WHAT? NO! HE'S NOT MY BOYFRIEND!" I shouted. Oh lord- My face, I feel it heating up, she already has Yanfei and then Venti came along so it looked like we were a couple. "No shouting in the library." Lisa librarian/detention lady or what ever said as she peeked over our shoulders to see if we did our work.

Jeez, don't go exposing things that aren't even real.

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