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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Since today is Halloween I'm going to write a Halloween special! Enjoy. Not part of the story!!!!

Venti's POV

I was on my knees begging Xiao to come trick or treating with me, Xingqiu and Chongyun. "Xiao please, pretty please, I really want you to come!" I begged. He ignored me. "Fine then, if that's how you wanna play it." I pouted as I dragged Xiao from his bed. "Hey Venti!" He snapped. "What?" I complained. "Fine, I'll do it but in return I get a kiss." He asked. I hummed in response as I kissed his cheek.

"So Ven, what are we going to dress up as?" Xiao asked. "Ehe~" I laughed, "sexy ghosts." I said with a blank expression on my face. He turned to me with a disgusted face. "What?!" He exclaimed. "You know what I mean~" I laughed. I went to get the costumes out. As soon as I got them out I laid them on his bed and smiled. (Couldn't find a photo, imma explain it. So basically it's a sheet on someone then a bikini top and bottom overtop of the sheet. That's the sexy ghost costume! Maybe search it up on Google or something like that.)

"WHAT?!" Xiao yelled, "I'M NOT WEARING THAT-THAT TRASH!." I put on a shocked face. "Oh Xiao, I gave you a kiss didn't I?" I reminded him. He just mumbled something under his breath, something like 'oh help me'. "Fine." He sighed. "Yayyy!" I exclaimed, I hugged him and patted his head. "Thank you!" I exclaimed.

We still had about an hour before we met up In front of Good Hunter with Xingqiu and Chongyun. Xiao sat in the corner looking sad that he had to wear that costume. I promised him that I wouldn't laugh at him when he got dressed in it, because I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable.

It was now half an hour till we meet up. I finally got word from Chongyun and Xingqiu, that Xingqiu is going as a devil and Chongyun is going as a normal ghost.
"Xiaooo!" I called out. "Yeah?" He answered. I signaled for him to come over. As he walked I had a sly smile on my face. When he saw the costumes he rolled his eyes and chuckled. "What have you gotten me into, Venti?" He sighed.

After we put on the costume, you could see him red from under the sheet, probably of embarrassment. I laughed not at him, his red face. Once we were ready, we walked past his parents sneakily so we didn't get caught. But....that didn't go as planned, "Xiao, Venti are you going trick or treating?" Childe asked. "Uhhh- yes we are and gonna catch up with some friends from liyue." Xiao said- but it was muffled. "What are you kids wearing?" Zhongli asked. "Sexy ghost." Xiao sighed, the men both swang around their heads to face us. "AHAHAHAHA OH MY DEAR MORAX LOOK AT THEM!" Childe laughed. "Oh my, Ajax, what influence have you put to this." Zhongli facepalmed. "Nothing." He blankly Said. Zhongli sighed as he pushed the 2 of us out the door.

"Yun-yun! Lookie who!" Xingqiu said as he poked Chongyun. "Umm what? What are they wearing?" Chongyun asked. Xiao gave me a 'he did it' glance. "It was my idea. Sexy ghosts." I took the blame from Xiao. "How did you manage to get Xiao to wear that?" Xingqiu asked. "Ehe~ I have my ways." I slyly smiled. I took Xiao's hand as he went even more embarrassed underneath the sheet.

We went to the first house, "Trick or Treat!" We said in unison. "Oh my haha your costumes are awesome!" The woman laughed as she put some sugar crystals in our buckets. "Next house is there!" Xiao pointed, he actually looked happy for once. We all walked to the next house "Trick or Treat!" We exclaimed in unison once again. The man giving us chocolate almost fell to the floor. "All you 4! Your costumes are the best I've seen all day!" He laughed. "Thank you young lord." Xingqiu said as we walked away. After a few hours of trick or treating we decided to part ways.

"We're back." Xiao said. No one is home, probably Zhongli and Childe went trick or treating with Ganyu and Keqing. "I wanna sleep, Xiao." I rubbed my weepy eyes. "Sure, but we gotta get out of these." Xiao smiled. After we got dressed and were ready for bed I thanked Xiao continuously for coming tonight. He just took all of the thanks from me. "Thanks, Venti for taking me out. It was uhh- actually really fun!" Xiao smiled. I nodded in response. "Love you g'night" I said. "Love you too sexy ghost." Xiao joked. At least now I can sleep knowing that Xiao is happy.

Xiao thank you, once again

Happy Halloween dear readers!

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