𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐏𝐫𝗼𝐟𝐢𝐥𝐞𝐬

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Venti Der Himmel| he/they| Pansexual| 3000+
Loves to play folk music.
Writes music.
The lyre and flute are his main instruments they plays.
Plays videogames whenever he has the chance

Xiao Atalus| he/him| Bisexual| 2000+
Rarely plays bass, but good at it.
Middle child.
Focuses on studies and exams.
Last year of high school.

Zhongli Atalus| he/him| questioning| 6000+
Adoptive Father of Xiao, Ganyu and Qiqi.
Married to Tartaglia.
Excellent chef.
Osmanthus wine is his favourite drink.

Tartaglia Atalus| he/him| Bisexual preference of men| 21
2nd Adoptive father of Xiao, Ganyu and Qiqi.
Married to Zhongli.
Learning to use chopsticks.

Ganyu Atalus| she/they| Lesbian| 2500+
Xiao's older sister.
Keqing's girlfriend.
Very wise.
Ganyu always scores A+'s in school.
Identifies as a Demi girl.

Qiqi Atalus| she/her| heterosexual| 200+
Youngest sibling of Xiao.
Just staring high school.
Adores coconut milk.
Smartest in school for her age group.

Hu Tao| she/he/they| Omni Sexual preference of women.| 18
Yanfei's partner.
Studying to work at a funeral director.
Good friends with Venti.
Normally fails math, writing and art.

Yanfei| she/xe| questioning| 17
Hu Tao's girlfriend.
Studying to be a lawyer.
Passes all subjects.
Reads alot.

Bennett|he/him| Pansexual| 18
Razor's fiancé
Finishing up high school with Razor.
His closest friend is Venti.
Rarely scores C's.

Razor| he/him| Gay and Asexual| 19
Bennett's fiancé
Fischl is his closest friend.
Scores average grades.

Jean Gunnhildr| she/her| questioning| 25
Diluc's wife.
Principal of Teyvat High School.
Good friends with Lisa.

Diluc Ragnvidr| he/they| heterosexual| 26
Jean's husband.
Vice principal of Teyvat High School.
Kaeya is his brother, while Albedo is his brother in-law.

So I decided it be easier to understand a little bit more if I wrote this. If you want any characters profile please tell me!
I know that Atalus is actually Xiao's real name, but I made it their families last name. Oh well :D

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