Vanquished (Cameron Dallas)

(Was "Cameron Dallas is my Best Friend") "I never knew ten minutes could feel like an eternity. It made sense though. Five minutes felt like forever, ten must be double that. It could only be common sense. . ." Amara Bell and Cameron Dallas, you're typical best friends since youth, turn into the star-crossed lovers. Amara has a secret, one that hasn't been mentioned for quite some time, the only one who knows is Cameron. He has stuck by her side through it all, traumatizing acts, stress, everything. One day, an event comes, Magcon. Amara is treated horrendously by Shawn and Matt, her new enemies. She is no longer pure, but now very sick. Why? Is her secret out?
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I thought amara was some kind of a bohemian prayer untill I realised it was her name
ME TOO- this emoji has nothing to do with anything but I've never seen it before and I like it
Who high fives people in high school? yes. out of all that this is what I comment about.
Word choice is key. The word toppled implies that she fell down the stairs. Just giving. some friendly tips.
How great would it be if he had a twin sister named Nashley? lmfao somebody make this happen
That movie is stupid... the government would never allow that if they did I'm moving to England

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