Vanquished (Cameron Dallas)

(Was "Cameron Dallas is my Best Friend") "I never knew ten minutes could feel like an eternity. It made sense though. Five minutes felt like forever, ten must be double that. It could only be common sense. . ." Amara Bell and Cameron Dallas, you're typical best friends since youth, turn into the star-crossed lovers. Amara has a secret, one that hasn't been mentioned for quite some time, the only one who knows is Cameron. He has stuck by her side through it all, traumatizing acts, stress, everything. One day, an event comes, Magcon. Amara is treated horrendously by Shawn and Matt, her new enemies. She is no longer pure, but now very sick. Why? Is her secret out?
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I'm from Hawaii and we just say "soda pop" or the regular name if the drink like "sprite"
Er... Guys.. You just spilled the large coke in the floor... Why you wasting money for??
69 comments... Should I comment something useless and ruin the moment or nah... Uh I guess why not
First let me just say I LOVE YOUR PROFILE PIC *fangirls over bars and melody and how angelic Charlie's voice is* anyways and yassss omg
I thought amara was some kind of a bohemian prayer untill I realised it was her name
Does anyone feel this? When your reading a book you frikkin act like its real...

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