Chapter 16

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Marinette took a deep breath 

Why did she agree to this again?

Oh lord, save her 

"You look fantastic!" ??? Beamed, clicking pictures 

"Oh I look fantastic all right" Marinette deadpanned 

"Besides you're with me and I got experience" Chloe announced proudly

"You're acting like I've not got experience" Marinette rolled her eyes 

"you have, but not as ???"

"OK! chop chop, let's go!" ??? walk down the large stairs, Straightening his suit.

"Why should I go-"

"Awwww you look so cute" ??? Smirked

"Enjoy your life when you have it" Marinette smirked 

"OK, OK" ??? cleared his throat "let's go"

"But before that...check if you have everything" ??? Smiled

"OK, suit?"





"Check, check and check"

"Let's go!.....And this time, No interruptions!"


"OK, this is fine, I'm totally fine"

"Ok..." ??? Said slowly, not trusting her to be by herself

"I'll be fine, no one's gonna kill me.....I guess"

He gave a look that clearly said — you are under my watch So don't do anything I wouldn't do and definitely don't do something that I would do.

"Fine" she grumbled 

He smiled "ladies first~"

"This is your gala"

"So what?"


"Fine, we go together."

??? What an arm around marinettes shoulders "I have a weird feeling that tonight's gonna be an interesting night"

"The feelings mutual." Marinette shrugged, Stepping Into the lights and flashes of the Paparazzi cameras

"Here goes nothing." 

"you OK?" ??? Asked

"Oh my God, will you stop acting like it's my first gala just like my eighth one?!"

"I know, I know. but it's your first time as ???"

Marinette groaned, Before spotting a familar blonde girl

"Hey! it's cl-"

Marinette was interrupted by a bright flash

"Ms ??? How do you feel being ???"

"Ms ??? are you really ??? or-"

"Why are you really hiding your identity Ms ???"

??? Noticing the rush Interrupted the reporters

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