Chapter 18

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"Hello!?" an Obnoxious noise voice run through Tony's ears 

"hello Audrey!" He greeted, in a fake cheery voice "how are you?" 

"tony!! I've been doing fine. how are you? do you want me to design one of your suits again?"

"While that would be amazing, I need a different designer....."

".....ok, that's enough of your fake, happy voice. I could hear it from miles away."

Tony sighed but grinned "well technically You can't hear me from miles of a because we are approximately 3628 far"

"Oh god. Please don't tell me You created another weird conspiracy and no, we are not 'approximately' 3628 miles far,  we are 3628 miles far... I see you're still the weird, nerd and loser I met in middle school"The fashion prodigy snorted

"No. and please, if anything, all the chicks loved me" he smirked 

"Mm-hmm, sure" she retorted, her words laced with sarcasm "anyway, enough of chit-chat, why did you really call me?"

"Ah yes, it's about your daughter an-"

"Oh great!" Audrey interrupted "what did Claire do now?"

"I thought it was Chloe" he raised an eyebrow, forgetting that she couldn't see him

"It is?" She mumbled "huh. It is."

"I want her as my intern."

He listened as silence filled the room 

"why do you want my daughter as your intern?" She started, suspiciously "and since when did you even want interns? And wh-"

"Woah lady, calm down!. One question at a time. Geez!" He rolled his eyes "look, I know Marinette dupain-cheng is MDC, I also know that Nino lahiffe and your daughter handle her online website."

"How did you?!-why am I surprised that I'm not surprised!?"

"Listen, I want the three kids- five altogether, as my interns so I'm asking permission to take your daughter as my intern." 

"No way. My daughter, my intern. Her friends?, my interns!" 

"This could be a huge opportunity! If MDC designs my suit her website would get a huge promotion. who knows?! She might even open her own boutique!" Tony argued 

Audrey frowned, as much as she disapproved this, she knew Tony was right, Marinette could get her own boutique and probably even make it to the top ten fashion brands.

"How is related to my daughter?" 

"Didn't she model once or twice for MDC?. You know more than anyone that there are amazing modeling schools or agencies in New York. Besides, the kid is a amazing in business. if she was my intern, Me and pepper can improve her skills."

"What about lahiffe?"

"He's a DJ. I have many connections and he works in his is father's mechanic shop as a part time job, so he can learn both as my intern."

Audrey sighed "Tony I need the complete truth and you and I both know u aren't saying least not completely"

Tony eyes widened "Of course I'm not lying! Why would I?"

"I don't know why you're lying but I do know you're lying." She shot back, emphasizing the last five words

"I'm not, I swear."

"Won't work on me."

"Fine!" Tony barked "I know what's happening in Paris!!! there?! You Happy!?"

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