Chapter 8

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Chloe clicked her tongue 

"That's ridiculous. utterly, ridiculous I can't believe you guys are so stupid. but wait- I can"

Kagami immediately spotted Adrian walking towards the lockers and followed him.

Lila glared "you're just jealous you didn't get to fly in his suit."

Chloe gaped "bitch, why the fuck would I be jealous? I was fucking queen bee!"

Lila looked shocked but said "Who do you think recommended you to be queen bee!?

I asked ladybug to give you the bee miraculous thinking you change but obviously you haven't!"

"Really? Tell me. other than the hero's that were revealed who else a was a hero?" Chloe smirked  knowing Lila was caught.

"I-uh t-there were no o-other heroes?"

"Wrong" Chloe Pointed towards Marinette "She wielded the mouse miraculous so Marinette was a superhero a.k.a multi-mouse."

Marinette facepalmed. It was supposed to stay a secret

"You're obviously lying" Alya started "there is no way Ladybug would have picked are bully or useless person like her."

OK now Marinette was officially pissed 

"Excuse me! I have proof that I was multi mouse you can ask Miss Mendeleiev, she saw me detransform (AN: I know Miss Mendeleiev didn't but consider she did) and I'm a bully? Look whos speaking, If you were so dear to ladybug she might have given you another miraculous." She hissed Before walking away.


"This is Alya Césaire reporting live in collège Françoise Dupont" Alya smiled at her phone "Marinette can you tell what is your miraculous and it superpowers?"

Chloe glared at the phone "I don't think Marinette gave you permission to record her Césaire. Did you know She could sue you for doing so.

"No one spoke to you brat!"

"Oh Alya did you forget you were live?. You wouldn't want mayor Bourgeois to see this would you?" Marinette smiled sweetly 

Alya stood in shock Processing her words slowly. she immediately put down her phone, switching off the livestream. 


Chloe received a call to go home immediately after school.

"Hey dudettes, I need to head home soon to babysit my brother will you be okay?"

"You too? Daddy said that I need to head home soon. I wonder why"

Marinette smiled "Don't worry, it's probably nothing and do you need help babysitting?

"Nah dudette I think I can handle it. but I might stop by." Nino smiled 

"Ok I guess I'll see you guys then"

Marinette waved before heading towards the lockers, which was not surprisingly empty.

Next thing she knew she was shoved harshly towards the lockers

Chloe's POV 

I was scrolling through instagram and saw a girl wearing the ugliest sweater.ugh.

"My Queen."

I looked at my bag to find pollen sticking out her head. 

'She looks so cute'

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