Chapter 30

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"Hey green guy!" I called out, smirking as Nino- I mean protector, glared at me playfully.

"What?" He deadpanned. 

"We have to change shifts, remember?"

"already?" protector groaned, throwing his head back dramatically "I wanted to visit mar- our civilian friend."

"You should have gone there first." I shrugged, before wiggling my fingers "Anyway, adieu!"

"Bye" he mumbled "tell her I said hi!"

"Sure!" I yelped back as my spinner pulled me in the opposite direction. 


I landed as softly as I could near Marinette's window, almost slipping because of the rain. I looked at the window surprised the curtains were drawn and the lights were off, I knocked on the glass waiting for her to come and greet me with her wide smile, but she didn't.

I frowned, 'Was she sleeping? No, she never slept until one of us visited her...maybe she fell asleep, I should continue patrolling...No, this doesn't feel right. it wouldn't hurt to check on her, right?'

I jumped over the railing of her balcony before slowly opening the trapdoor, rain drizzled on top me-OMG MY PERFECT HAIR IS PROBABLY IN RUINS!-wait, FOCUS CHLOE!!!  The trapdoor creaked open and much to my horror, I found the room in disaster, Cloths, accessories, papers were scattered everywhere, it looked like there had been an earthquake in here!

Worry began to take over me as a million questions rang in my head. Why is the room like this where is Mari? Is she alright? What if she's kidnapped by hawkmoth?!

I immediately looked around the room for a large baby pink box but I couldn't find it, that was where she hid the miraculous box! what if he kidnapped her and took the box with him?! 

No. Marinette was more than capable to handle herself and besides, someone would have heard her if she was struggling or fighting with him, right? Either way, I called Nino. Hoping he would give me some sort of reassurance.

"Hey Queenie,"

"Marinette's missing!" I yelped, pacing around the room while hoping I didn't wake her parents.


"She's missing Nino! Her room is a disaster, the miraculous box is missing along with her! What if hawkmoth kidnapped her and stole the box?! What if-"

"Wait, wait stop!" Nino exclaimed "Check her drawer. Is the phone and purse there?"

I snapped open the drawer to find both missing "They're not here."

"Then maybe she's on an errand or something"

"An errand? at 1 o'clock in the night?!" I deadpanned.

"How about this? we search for her and if we don't find her in the next 20 minutes we'll call Luka and Kagami to search with us."

"That's...actually not a lame idea...lets find her."

»» ———— ♔ ———— ««


"Marinette where the fuck are you god damn it?!" Empress Honey yelled in frustration.

"Whoa. calm down" I shushed at her sleepily.

"Found her!" Nino yelped, doing a small victory dance "I checked her last location as ladybug and it shows that...she was at Chloe's hotel in the last fifteen minutes."

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