Chapter 1

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"Are you Crazy!? Why would you do that!?"

"You are useless.."


"You will lose all your friends in the end."

"I can't believe I was your friend"

"Her lies aren't hurting anyone, as long as you and I know."

"You are a disgrace!"

Marinette took a deep breath and cleared her mind. it was the first day of her- Their school.

Midtown high.

A lot had happened since Rossi came back.

Let's start from the first, shall we?

»» ———— ♔ ———— ««

Three years ago.


I hummed Clara's latest song as I sat in the back, preoccupied with my sketches as Lila started to sprout out lies. I wasn't really wasn't paying attention until i heard familiar names- Jagged stone and Clara Nightingale.

"- have a secret relationship." Lila finished. Making the class gasp in shock. while i glared at her in anger.

"But doesn't jagged stone already have a relationship with his assistant, Penny Rolling?" Sweet, innocent Rose asked.

"Exactly what I thought, until I saw making out!" (I cringed typing that)

"No way." Alya gaped "I'm going to post this on my blog!"

"No!" Lila exclaimed quickly "I mean...I don't want aunt penny to find out, She would be very miserable."

"Awww that's so sweet of you!" Rosé squealed "But don't u think she deserves to know? I mean, he is cheating on her after all."

"Wait-Did you just say aunt penny?...O.M.G. You are Jagged stone's, Penny rolling's and Clara nightingale's honorary niece, Aren't you?" Alya gushed, eyes wide.

"You mean the niece they announced three days ago? but I thought they wanted her to be anonymous so they don't pester her with paparazzi, because she disliked it." Nino questioned, suspiciously.

Lila made a fake surprised face and gasped "Oh my God!, I shouldn't have told you that...Guys please don't spread this, I can trust you with this. right?" She said hopefully. Wow, she was good at acting.

Nino glanced at me for a second before staring at me as though I was an alien, but I couldn't blame him. I probably looked more furious than I had ever been in my life.

"Um...Marinette?" He called out.

"Are you crazy?!" I yelled, making everyone flinch and turn to me "Did you just outright accuse jagged To cheat on Penny!? Do you know if this got out you would get tons of lawsuits by lying about them!? And do you have any proof that you are jagged stone niece, Because if you are I don't think you would spread rumors about them. "

Lila stared at me in shock before burst into fake tears, Rose and Juleka immediately started to console her, while the rest just look or glared at me in disapproval.

"Come on girl, you can't just accuse Lila of Lying. This has been happening for three weeks now. You cant keep accusing without having any proof that she's lying."

I gaped at her in disbelief "Don't tell me you actually believe this bullshit."

Everybody looked at me in surprise. I never swear. Literally. 

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