Chapter 7

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While Chloe and Nino explained to Luka and Kagami about their class, Marinette excused herself before transforming and jumping off to find the akuma. 

Ladybug looked around and found nothing 

Maybe it went back to hawkmoth's....hideout or lair.?

Then she felt an idea pop into her brain, it was a bad idea but it could work if the Akuma was around.

She sighed as four words kept repeating itself in her mind.

This is a bad idea. This is a bad idea. This is a bad idea. This is a-

She concentrated on Lila and her classmates thinking of all the things they did to her.

She soon heard a faint flapping sound she smiled before looking at its direction. She caught the Akuma With her yo-yo before releasing it and saying a small "Bye-bye little butterfly"


Kagami felt numb.

 how could he? She knew something was wrong with him when when he told her to avoid Marinette. but this.....she did not expect this.

"gami?, Kagami?, Kagami!"

"I'm gonna break up with him"

"What." Marinette stated 

"I'm gonna break up with him" she looked up her 

"No no no you can't I'm not going to ruin another relationship look he made a mistake but that doesn't mean-"

"Exactly Marinette!, he made a mistake. what if I was in your shoes? He would have treated me in the same way. And he asked me to avoid my first friend! I mean really?! 

I think he would've supported me and you instead of being a spineless coward and I'm not going to be in a relationship with a spineless coward. It is my decision and mine only, please don't argue with me." Kagami declared.

Chloe seeing the tension in the air yelled "pillow fight!!!"

She immediately grabbed a pillow and And throw it right in Lukas face.

"Oh. no. you. didn't." He growled playfully before Grabbing pillows and throwing it everywhere.

The 5 spent the next rest of the night watching movies, Playing video games, Even doing girly stuff. Well the boys did boys stuff.

They are currently making a pillow fort 

"And done!"

Marinette looked around and caught Luka looking at kagami with a slight blush on his cheeks.

"Fuck my sleeping bag I'm taking a nap here....This is un-BEE-lievably Cozy."

"Oh my god did you just make a pun?" Nino asked

"Yep! good night!" 

"I just realized all of us here are ex-hero's" Marinette said Thinking about her time with the mouse miraculous

They all looked at her "you are-were a miraculous holder too?" Nino asked 

"Huh? Oh yeah, The mouse miraculous. I was called multimouse but I Accidentally revealed myself to chat noir so yeah...."

"Cool" Luka smiled "what was your Kwami's name?


Then they started talking about how other Kwami looked And hero stuff...

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