Chapter 23

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"I think..." Marinette pondered over the pros and cons "I think we could use your help, the akumas are getting difficult to handle..."

"That's great!" Tony exclaimed "Now all I have to do is speak to your parents, But right now it's getting late. Come to think of it, were you with your class? I didn't see them around."

"Nope our teacher thought that it would be fun to let us roam around New York in groups of three or four"

"What?!, That's dangerous! is your teacher loco?"

"Tell that to Ms.Bustier and yes I think she is very loco." Nino chuckled Standing up "we should get going it's really late"

"Do you kids need a ride or-" Natasha asked 

"It's fine, really." Marinette smiled "It was a pleasure meeting you guys, Thank you for your hospitality and your help" 

Tony grinned tapping her shoulder "You don't have to be so formal, kid. Now scram!"

The three kids grinned right back before transforming and jumping away

"They seem nice" Tony shrugged looking at his two teammates 

"They are, but your life isn't going to be when Steve learns about this." Wanda rolled her eyes 

"Like I care" he snorted. 


Marinette Nino and Chloe jumped into an alley next to their hotel together de-transforming and running to their hotel, Trying to get in there undetected but obviously it didn't go as planned.

"There they are!" Adrian yelled, pointing at the three who just entered the hotel.

"Where were you?!" Ms. bustier screeched "Lila has been calling and texting you for the past hour and there's been an alien attack! how could you be so irresponsible?!" 

"Excuse me, I need to not get any calls or texts from Lila and it was a akuma attack not an Alien" Chloe hissed Which made the entire class look and murmur at each other anxiously.

"Akuma attack here?!" Alya exclaimed 

"Marinette..." Lila said slowly "Are you-are you working with Hawkmoth?"

Dismayed, everybody gasped and stared at Marinette who looked at Lila in disbelief "what?! are you crazy?! why would I work with that monster!?"

Lila burst into tears, sobbing loudly "W-well y-you always bully and t-threaten me-e and every time after that I'm Akumatized because I'm not really good in containing my emotions, I'm still learning from Ladybug —who personally teaches me — a-and the akuma only appeared here because you are here. And you have never be-been akumatized b-before."

"Oh, I'm sorry" Chloe defended sarcastically "Is marinette the only person here? Aren't you standing right here too, bitch?, for all we know you could be the one who released the akuma."

"Chloe! You have no right to curse or accuse at Lila!" Ms. Bustier hissed 

"And She has no right to accuse marinette of working with hawkmoth!" Chloe hissed back "So what if she's never been akumatized before?! doesn't it make her a much better person than anyone else?, that she's actually trying not to cause chaos!"

"And you of all people" Chloe pointed at alya "should know that Marinette is one of the most kindest people. I bullied her because of that and I regret it. And you? You just want to follow the next shiny thing you see"

Marinette felt a sense of pride filling her chest, Chloe has changed so much for the better. Unlike many, She tried to change and She tried to be a better person and here she was, defending the girl she once bullied. 

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