Chapter 22

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"Do you need help...?" Ladybug asked black widow shyly, noticing she was the only one without any transport. 

"No." The tall woman shook her head, nodding to another direction "I've got a ride."

Marinette nodded back, giving her a smile before jumping away. 


Avengers Tower

"Welcome to avengers tower!" Tony exclaimed proudly as he led the awestruck teens inside followed by Scarlet witch, The tower was huge and filled with the best interior decor. Chloe wasn't really surprised, she once asked her mother how it was inside the Avengers Tower, being the daughter of Audre bourgeois did have its perks.

"So now that we're here, what in the world was that?" Natasha asked appearing out of nowhere 

"Geez woman, don't scare me like that!" Tony rolled his eyes, plopping lazily on the couch "That was an akuma, if you want you can ask more details from the kids because the know more and I'm too tired to function."

Natasha huffed turning towards the 'magical teens' asking "can any of you explain what was that?!"

Marinette nodded "My Name is Marinette Dupain-cheng my alter ego is ladybug, three years ago I found a box in my room with earrings in it and then popped out my Kwami" Marinette started as the three kwamis flew out of their hiding places, Marinette explained everything. From the day she became Ladybug to Cat Noirs absence. By the end, The two women had their jaws dropped in shock.

"I knew most of it...except for the Cat problem" Tony said "Now here's the deal, We want to help. As kids you shouldn't be dealing with all this."

"Yeah, not gonna happen." Chloe snorted in denial 

"What she means is that its fine, We got this handled." Marinette interrupted shooting Chloe a subtle glare. 

"And what if you don't?" He asked raising an eyebrow

All three of the Parisian stayed silent, unable to answer hom. This made Marinette consider their offer because they were right...what is they couldn't protect Paris? What then?. The question made Marinette flinch.

"Where are the rest of the Avengers?" Nino asked, changing the subject 

"They're on a mission, out of New York" Tony answered shortly before continuing as he looked at Chloe "by the way, I spoke to your mother. She said its fine."

The blonde's eyes widened "Please tell me you didn't tell her I'm Empress Honey."

"What? No! Of course not!. I knew that she obviously didn't know. I don't rat out people's identities just like that" he snorted, looking offended 

"Technically you just did...with ours" Nino quipped 

"That was different!" Tony defended "You guys are teammates or friends, not overprotective parents that will lock you in their houses so you don't run of saving Paris" 

All of them snickered, which made Tony huff with annoyance, hiding a small smile of his own. A comfortable silence fell upon them as they calmed down. 

"You should think about it, Though I don't know why you're going to because your superheroes and do you want your city to be safe but whatever." Tony spoke, making eye contact with each of them.

"I hope you don't mind me asking...but, why are you so interested in Paris? what will you gain? What will we gain? How are you going to help? because dealing with akumas without magic is going to be hard." Marinette rambled out questions 

 "Well...A few months ago, I found out information I guess I wasn't supposed to...I don't know. and I thought kids like you shouldn't be dealing with it, at least not alone. what do you gain?  Paris will be safe and you guys will have a normal life. and how we're going to help? We can fight and or try to investigate who hawkmoth is." Tony answered calmly continued "But I already have a suspect I just need proof to confirm it."

"Suspect?" Marinette asked her eyes wide in shock "for hawkmoth?"

"And Mayura, am I Pronouncing that right?" Tony added smugly 

"And who are they?" Chloe asked, losing her patience 

"Gabriel Agreste and Natalie Sancoeur" 

Marinette looked at him in surprise before dropping down her shoulders in disappointment "I had a suspect on them too, but the same day I suspected them was the same day Gabriel Agreste was akumatized and as we told you, we can only use your special powers when we're transformed"

"Well...I guess that checks them of the list." He shrugged "So, as I was saying you kids can be my interns. The Internship will be completely paid, It's a full summertime internship."

"You can be trained with your powers too" Natasha added, looking at Tony—who nodded at the suggestion.

Marinette nodded slowly, knowing she gain a lot of knowledge in their experience "what bout our parents?"

"Well I was thinking since you're MDC-" Tony started 

"Wait- you're MDC?!" Wanda —who was preoccupied with the kwamis—asked in surprise.

"-I could tell your parents that I need a new design for my suit and you seemed fit for the job. And as for Nino, you're dad is a mechanic isn't he? Well... I could always tell that you seemed good enough to help me with my suits." Tony finished ignoring Wanda's question

"Really!?" Nino asked with excitement 

"No, not really. I don't let anybody touch my suits." Tony deadpanned "no offense" 

"Heh, I sort of wish I could record this conversation and share to my classmates." Chloe stated 

"Why?" Tony asked in confusion 

"There's a girl named Lila Rossi who says that she knows you and once flew your suit"

"Yeah right" Natasha snorted "been there, done that. Bad things happened to Steve that day"

"Ah, that day was one of the best days of my life." Tony smiled at the memory before coming back to reality  "I'm still thinking about Tsurgi, her mom was terrifying the last time I met her." Tony shivered Thinking about Kagami's mom "so what do you think?"

Marinette looked at her friends before answering "I think...-"

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