Chapter 11

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"keep all your bags or whatever. We need to talk." Chloe said 

The other two nodded walking towards their suite/cabin.

The other two nodded walking towards their suite/cabin

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Marinette POV

I place my bag gently, whispering "I be back soon. there are cookies here if u need them" placing a small box near the bag before sliding close the door.

As I was walking towards Chloe's Cabin when I felt my phone vibrate.

Hey Marinette I heard you are going to New York! that is so rock 'n' roll!. I hope you have an amazing time don't get into trouble!.

Jagged stone

I smiled reading Uncle Jagged's message

"Hey dudette!"

I turned around to find Nino in....Chloe's cabin?....right....she had walked past it.

"Sorry" I smiled sheepishly before rushing inside.

Awkward tension filled the air 

"sooo....." Nino drawled out.

Chloe sighed "why would Tony Stark want to meet us?"

"Well he never told he wanted to meet us and we don't know if it's actually Tony Stark." Nino answered 

"Really?" Chloe said deadpanning "I mean T for Tony and S for stark. Do I have to teach you common sense? and only he's rich enough to buy us all tickets first class tickets. And why would he buy such an expensive stuff if he didn't want to meet us?"  

"Makes sense" I hummed

"But the question is why would he want to meet us?"

 "Maybe-" nino started 

"Flight attendants, please prepare for takeoff"

"We should head back." I said, not wanting to get caught "we might be able to sneak here later"


Marinette looked around, searching for any adults before tiptoeing to Chloe's cabin.

"Hey" She greeted 


"OK back to the million dollar question why does Tony Stark want to meet us?"

 After some brainstorming later~

"Maybe he figured out that you're MDC and wants you to design his suit?" Nino implied

"Nah" Marinette denied "I don't think so, There are so many amazing designers in New York. Why would you want me?"

"oh! I don't know?!.. because you're famous." Nino deadpanned 

"I'm not famous!. I'm just kind of popular in Paris because of uncles jagged, aunt Clara and Mrs.Bourgeois reviews and comments" Marinette explained.

Chloe resisted the urge to choke her "OK...but it might be a good reason for wanting to meet us."

After some more brainstorming later~

-Or maybe it's because we're ex-heroes" Chloe accidentally thought out loud.

The other two choked knowing that what they were still heroes.

"Ha ha maybe" Marinette said nervously, before fake yawning "I think I'm gonna go to sleep I'm kind of tired"

"Sure I think we all need some time alone." Nino smiled Also wanting to get out of there to speak  to a certain Kwami.

Marinette smiled Before quickly tiptoeing towards her cabin after spotting a hostess speaking to a passenger.


Tikki flew out smiling at her young holder 

"So? did you come up with a good reason of why? -what was his name again?, He would want to meet you?

"His name is Tony Stark tikki, He's also known as Iron Man. And yes we did come up with good reasons the first reason is that he might want me to become one of his designers the second reason well I think he found out about Paris's situation"

 (The situation was kept hidden because they didn't want outside heroes to find out and Come there and get akumatized and besides paris depends on tourism)

"But here comes the worst but I think he might have found out our identities. I mean-he is a genius"

She looked at Tikki to find her looking.....guilty?

"Tikki is there something you want to tell me?"

"Hm? N-No Of course not! why do you ask?" Tikki smiled innocently but Marinette knew better

She raised an eyebrow, not believing her little companion 

Tikki sighed "Marinette, Do you know why tourists don't ever report or say anything about the akumas in Paris?"

Marinette shook her head no, she always wondered why they never did.

"As soon as they're out of Paris France they....they lose all memories of the akuma attacks"

Marinette gasped "no-no way....why?!"

"Nooroo" Tikki said solemnly "he is the Kwami of the butterfly miraculous, hawkmoth probably commanded him to Brainwash all the tourists so that he could gain the upper hand without any outside of heroes interfering."

"Why didn't you tell me anything?"

"Because it will only make you do something without thinking about the consequences. I've seen it happen to many of my past holders I do not want the same consequence for you."

Marinette looked at her kwami's heartbroken expression before asking gently 

"But how is all this related to Tony Stark?"

"Every time a person tries to find any of the holders identities, their respective kwamis are supposed to wipe out all sorts of information.

example, When someone tries to edit your face without a mask on a electronic device it will immediately shut down and delete all the files related to that."

"Okay...." she said slowly wondering how this was related to Tony Stark.

"So when the kwamis first did it it was a bit messy. but we slowly got used to it and now we can do it in a snap, but he was a tiny bit difficult because he did it right on the day of Scarlet moth. while I did shut it down. I suspect that I shut it down a bit late."

 "OK so do you long story short Tony Stark researched and found out my identity right on the day off scarlet mouth and he wants to meet us because he has managed to find out my Identity." Marinette rambled out 

Tikki nodded 

"Oh my God"

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