Chapter 6

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"maman remember when I told you that I might bring friends over?"

"Huh? Oh yes. A sleepover isn't it?. Who are you inviting?" Sabine asked 

"Nino, Chloe, Luka and Kagami."

 Sabine raised an eyebrow "what about alya?. And I thought you didn't like Chloe "

Marinette sighed "maman I've been meaning to tell you.....A-Alya...we are not in speaking terms and Chloe...well she supported me like a friend and I can see she is trying her best to better"

"Oh Marinette. Do you want to talk about it?" Sabine hugged her daughter, concerned.

Marinette nodded and ranted about Lila and her minions.

By the end of it sabine looked like she would burn down the whole school.


Marinette looked up from her sketchbook to see her phone ringing, The name Nino appeared in bold letters on the screen 

"Hey Nino! You still coming to the sleepover?"

"Hey dudette and I guess I be there as long as I not the only guy."

"Don't worry. I'm gonna call Luka now, bye"

She searched and searched and searched through her call log 

"oh my god. where is his-? oh there it is"

"Hey Ma-Ma-Marinette."

"Hello Luka" she greeted in amusement.

"I was hoping you could join us for a sleepover Nino, Chloe and kagami Will be there."

"Chloe? as in Chloe bourgeois? isn't she a bully or something?. And who's Kagami?

"Why in the world do people keep repeating the same question? every. single. time."

"Which one?, the first one? or the second one?" Luka asked

Marinette groaned.

(By the way, Luka got over his crush on Marinette. he understood that she liked Adrian. But they did become close friends 👫 )


Now was the tough part. she had to call kagami and convince her mother, Tomoe. 


"Hey Kagami!"

"Hello Marinette, May I ask why you have called me?"

", we're having a sleepover and Iwanttoaskifyoucanjoinus" Marinette Saïd a bit too quickly.

"...I'm afraid I didn't understand."

"Sorry I just wanted to ask you if you can join."

"I'm sorry Marinette but mother-"

"I'll speak to her."


"Let me speak to her. I might convince her"

"Ok..." kagami Said, knowing her mother was a tough person and could be impossible to convince, but it was worth a try.

Marinette heard a faint " Mother.......Marinette dupain-cheng."

"Hello Miss dupain-Cheng" A strict but calm voice spoke.

"H-Hello Miss Tsurugi, um..I...uh wanted to ask your permission on behalf of Kagami to come over to my house for a sleepover?"

"No "

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