Chapter 25

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Marinette followed the class lazily, dragging her suitcase behind her, the girl was physically and mentally tired. Sitting in the same place for approximately 8 hours made her body sore and numb and the Kwami's discussion about her "premonition" only made her overthink too many things.

"Hey," Chloe said slowing down "I heard you had a vision or something."

"I don't want to talk about It" Marinette grumbled.


Marinette sighed "I'm sorry Chlo, I'm a bit tired. Can we talk tomorrow?"

"Of course," Chloe smiled "Do you want James to help?"

"Isn't his name jean?" Marinette asked looking at the butler, who was carrying 3 suitcases and 2 handbags "I think you should help him out."

"I shall do no such thing!" Chloe snorted.

"He's struggling with your bags. Be a hero dudette." Nino taunted.

Chloe huffed mumbling "You guys are the worst" before stalking to jean—who looked surprised when she took two of her suitcases.

"Was that so hard?" Marinette smiled as the blonde walked towards them.

"Uh...yes! these are so heavy!"

"That's on you. You shouldn't have packed so much." Nino shrugged.

Chloe huffed again, cursing under her breath. She looked around spotting two familiar faces, grabbing both of their arms Chloe pulled Marinette and Nino in the other direction.

"Luka! Kagami!"

"Hey guys!" Luka yelled back waving his hands wildly as Kagami looked at him in amusement "We're here!"

"Yeah, you're hard to miss." Chloe deadpanned "help me with my bags."

"What's the magic words? ~" Luka asked in a singsong voice.

The blonde sighed looking at Marinette and Nino for support, but they looked away, almost laughing "...Please?" she requested which made Luka smile widely "That's my girl!" he said, ruffling her hair "Oh my God! don't ruin my hair1 it took me hours to get this perfect!".

"Yeah well, it's late anyway you're going to sleep so no harm" Kagami said before pausing and looking at Marinette "Your parents couldn't come, they said they were busy with the bakery, so they asked us to pick you up."

Marinette smiled "Thank you Kagami."

Kagami dropped Marinette off waving her goodbye. She yawned and stretched, staring at the red car become a small dot in the distance, sighing she dragged her suitcase lazily into the bakery.

She was surprised when she saw that the bakery was empty. She immediately climbed up the stairs in worry.

Had hawkmoth found out her identity? Were they home?

Marinette sighed in relief when she heard muffled voices, pushing open the door she greeted them with her usual, cheery voice only to be greeted by angry stares.

"Is it true?" Sabine asked angrily.

"Is what true?"

"That you stole Lila's ticket?!"

"WHAT?! Maman! Who told you that? I would never-"

"Alya called" Tom glared at Marinette making her flinch "So did your teacher...and Principal."

"Why?" she asked, confused.

"There have been multiple reports of you bullying Lila and missing classes" Sabine hissed "This is not how we raised you young lady!"

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