Chapter 27

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Marinette threw a punch at the woman in front of her, only for her arm to be caught and flipped over.

"Ow," Marinette groaned.

"You're good" Natasha commented, offering her hand.

"You flipped me the second I threw a punch at you" Marinette deadpanned.

"Well're good for a kid. Now, don't hold back." Her opponent smirked.

They trained for hours, neither noticing the time pass by. Nino trained with Steve outside so that their shields wouldn't break anything while Chloe and Wanda trained together.


"Hey, Mr. Stark?"

"hmm?" Tony hummed as he tinkered underneath his car.

"Could you please help me decipher this?"

"Marinette, it is 1 o'clock. Go to sleep."

"Yes, it's 1 and you should be sleeping too."

"I'm an adult, I can do whatever."

"That is no excuse!" Marinette huffed "Can you please come out?"

"What?" Tony deadpanned sliding out from under the car to find Marinette still in her pajamas.

"Help me decipher this." Marinette said holding out the grimoire.

"And why should I do that?"

"Reason no 1." Marinette started, holding out her finger "You promised you would help me with Paris's situation, Reason no 2. I have the power to run up and tell pepper that she has been cuddling a blanket stuffed with pillows instead of YOU."

"Well, either way, this is going to be like harry potter, Malfoy was the snitch but he was out in the forest too."

"Well as you can see I'm wearing my PJ's, soooo I can convince her that I came here for water and saw you roaming about."

"You wouldn't"

"Watch me."

"Did you just threaten me?"

"did I?"

"Ugh, fine. just leave it on the table and go to sleep, I get croissants for this"

Marinette smiled "of course, and thanks."

"Don't mention it."


Two months passed by insanely quick, filled with excitement and hours of training and investigation. They had grown pretty attached to them despite the fact that they only knew each other for 2 months, Luka joined them a few days later, even Kagami sneaked out sometimes and teleported to the tower to meet them.

"I can't believe you're going home!" Clint wailed dramatically giving Luka a bone-crushing hug

Marinette laughed "This has been an amazing experience."

"Wait a damn minute." Tony narrowed his eyes "Does this mean I don't get those macaroons anymore?"

"Wow" Marinette deadpanned sarcastically "It's great to know that somebody would miss my cooking more than me."

"Thank you." Bruce smiled patting her on her shoulder "For the calming techniques"

"Least I could do." Marinette smiled before looking at everyone "I'm gonna miss you guys."

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