chapter 26

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"You kids should join for dinner" Tony invited "You could meet the rest. its a good icebreaker."

"We would love to, Mr. stark" Nino smiled.

He nodded "Well, we'll be going. We usually eat dinner at 7:00 but if there are any changes, Friday will inform you. And uh...what do your er... things eat?"

"They're called kwamis, and they prefer veggies and sweets." Marinette answered.

"Veggies and sweets, got it! Vision, lets go! We've got a dinner to prepare!" Tony declared" by the way, you might get a visit from the ladies"

Marinette nodded "Is there any way I can help?"

"Oh, its fine. you kids can rest or whatever teens do nowadays." Tony waved as he walked out of the room with vision floating beside him.

As they walked out,  took the liberty to fall under counting stretch herself she suddenly gasped in shock "What should we wear for dinner?"

"I think it'll be something casual." Marinette frowned "should we ask Friday?"

"Friday?" Nino asked, happy to find an excuse to speak with the AI "What type of outfit should wear for the dinner?"

"I would recommend casualwear, something comfortable for dinner." 

"Don't worry Chlo remember the shirt I made for you? You can wear that."

"Would you mind being more specific? you made me a more than 15 shirts" Chloe deadpanned.

"Wear the one you think is the best."


Marinette and Nino bounced their legs on the elevator surface making Chloe sigh in irritation.

"God damnit, stop bouncing your legs."

"Oh my God, we're going to meet The Avengers. I'm dying inside." Marinette blurted.

"Pftt, I'm already dead" Nino snorted.

"What is wrong with you two?" Chloe asked with an incredulous look on her face.

"We're dead" both answered in unison making Chloe think if she still has her sanity.

The doors to the elevator dinged open slowly. All three of them walked simultaneously where Friday guided them, butterflies fluttering in each of their stomachs when they closed in on the voices coming from the dining room.

"This is it." Marinette mumbled, placing her hand on the door "Are you ready?"

"Is it just me or are we acting too dramatic? Chloe snorted.

"Just you." Nino said before giving Marinette a look.

Marinette nodded, slowly opening the door slowly peeking out, Nino and Chloe joined her by sticking their heads out too. Suddenly a burst of laughter got their attention "Oh my God, you look so iconic! Friday, I hope you got a picture of that."

The three of them craned their necks to look at who Tony was laughing at, turns out... it was them. Everyone in the room was looking at them amusement while the three behind the door blushed him embarrassment.

"Everyone" Tony announced walking towards them "these are my beautiful and pretty interns Marinette Dupain-cheng, Nino lahiffe and Chloe bourgeois.

"Bourgeois? as in Audrey bourgeois?"

"Why do people keep saying that?" Chloe asked quizzically while Marinette thanked Tony for calling them beautiful and pretty.

"Your mom is pretty popular here." A blonde man smiled "I'm Steve Rogers."

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