Chapter 9

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"Adrian? seriously?" Marinette deadpanned 

Sabine raised an eyebrow "Marinette I know you told me you got over him. but even you know that deep down, you are still in love with him."

"What! no. no. of course not! but seriously, why is Adrian coming into this?

"Lila thinks you might be jealous of her connections and relationships.....mainly with Adrian."

"Oh my god are you telling me you actually believe that bullshit" She scoffed

"Language young lady." Tom said sternly 

Marinette almost rolled her eyes. "Adrian is a coward and so are my ex friends. They just want to use me."

She gave them a look before walking off to her room.


Ladybug dropped down in front of protector and Empress Honey

"Where's Chat?" 

"Not here. or late.....again!" Empress honey hissed at nothing in particular

Ladybug sighed it was the seventh time this month. Chat was getting.......irresponsible.

"Don't worry LB It's probably something in his personal life." Protector assured her.

She nodded before remembering "So There might be two new heroes joining"

"Might?" Protector raised an eyebrow....At least that's what it looked like.

"I may or may not have dropped their miraculouses in their bags and they may or may not come." Ladybug laughed out nervously. 

Empress honey facepalmed and Protector gaped

"No offense but I thought you were really responsible" Empress snorted 

"OK first of all that is offensive. second of all it's how I got my miraculous was on my table instead of my bag...but you get the idea!."

They looked in surprise has someone dropped by them 

"hello ladybug, Empress honey and protector" 

Ladybug grinned "See I told you they won't let me down!"

"You didn't say anything like that" protector mumbled

"Did you say something?" The new hero asked

"Uh...Yeah. I just wanted to ask..uh- What's your name?0" Protector said kinda embarrassed

"You can call me Drakaina"

Ladybug had to admit Drakaina's Disguise was flawless.

A turquoise haired boy landed next to them two minutes after that.


Empress jumped in surprise "Oh my god !!"

She looked at the newcomer and back at ladybug 

"This better be last one that scares me"

Ladybug smiled

"Sooo....what's your name? Protector asked, kicking himself internally for being awkward.

"Serpent" luka smiled


"what happened to chat noir?" Drakaina asked 

"No idea" ladybug sighed "hopefully it's nothing serious"

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