Chapter 4

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Nino sighed. This was gonna be a long weekend.


"Chloe...Adrian knows. he knows that Lila is lying. he knew from the very beginning."

"Nice try, dupain-cheng " Chloe said eating the last of her ice cream.

 Chloe looked back to see them looking at her seriously, Chloe choked.

"No Way, you guys are kidding me...right?"

"How about we speak about this somewhere else?" Nino said not wanting to attract any attention.

Chloe nodded, trying not to scream "let's go to my Hotel"


"Spill" Chloe said hissed Impatiently, She tossed her handbag on her bed before placing a hand on her hip.

Marinette sighed "Adrian knew. he knows that she lies"

"Tell me this isn't true lahiffe"

"I'm sorry Chloe I can't" 

"I need all the details. from the start"

After some explanations from Marinette and Nino...and some cursing from Chloe.

"That son of a bitch" Chloe said, fuming. Snapping the fourth pencil in her hand.

"I know this is hard for you but you got a calm down, you're going to attract an akuma" Marinette said not wanting another miracle queen.

"Calm down...OK....calm down oh my God. how do I calm down?,I think I hyperventilating"

"Calm her down, I'll keep a lookout for akumas" mari said Going to ladybug mode.

After calming her down~

"I'm wanna kill that idiot" Chloe "But that's gonna be too easy, I want to see him suffer."

"I think we made Chloe a psycho" Nino muttered while Marinette shook her head.

     A week later

"Chat lookout!" ladybug screamed as a beam hit him in the chest. Chat was down and so was Protector . she knew she had to distribute a miraculous.

But she couldn't just handover miraculous and say "hey! There is an Akuma you got a fight with me"

She needed someone who is experienced as the akuma was particularly difficult. The best miraculous for the job Was the bee miraculous And the best choice was.....Chloe.

Ladybug signed before grabbing the miraculous from the box and heading to direction of Le grand Paris Hotel.


Chloe jumped in surprise as someone barged into her room

"What the-"

She turned to find ladybug. 

"Hi Chloe"

"What are you doing here." Chloe said angrily 

"I came to give you the bee miraculous I need your help"

"My help! need my help now!! what happened the day I became miracle queen-"

"I was distracted OK!!.

I didn't think straight...I couldn't think straight. I just-I'm sorry you had to go through all that but please, I need your help. I need a queen bee."

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