Chapter 2

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"I'm so sorry..." nino looked at Marinette, he stepped back towards Her while looking at alya "but I think I'd rather take my friends side then a bully's. We're done Alya."

He grabbed Marinette by the forearm gently but firmly and led her outside the class not giving alya time to respond.

"Nino, Marinette What's going on? are you OK?" Miss Bustier asked

" Is it OK if we took the day off miss bustier please" The teacher looked hesitant but gave them a pass

"OK but I want you to complete all your work and I need an explanation tomorrow."

"Yes Miss bustier" Nino and Marinette said in unison. The red haired nodded after walking away.

"Well that was stupid of her."

"What? why?" Marinette asked surprised

"Well She didn't even ask what was the reason and gave a pass by looking at you, no offense."

"None taken. I really need to refresh myself though."

Nino nodded "So...uh..what's going on between you and Adrian?."

She couldn't help but sigh "What makes you think somethings going on between us?"

Nino gave her a look that clearly said that he knew she was lying

"C-Can we talk about this later...somewhere privately?"

"Of course dudette" he smiled 

Marinette headed to the girls room while Nino headed to the boys.

Marinette let tears poured out freely from her eyes 

"Are you OK Marinette?" Tikki questioned, concerned

"N-no" She couldn't help but start breaking down

"I can't believe she did it. she took everybody away from me". marinette said

"No she didn't nino is still next to you. He broke up with Alya just to support his friend" Tikki smiled encouragingly

"You're right. Wait he Broke up with what!?!, oh my goodness I forgot I can't believe this. no, he shouldn't leave the love of his life just for-"

 The restroom door Opened as Chloe stepped in. Tikki immediately phased in the purse.

"Ugh, dupain-cheng You look More horrible than usual."

"Hello Chloe" Marinette sighed not in the mood for another argument.

Chloe looked at her unimpressed but did something Marinette did not expect.

"Here" Chloe said handing over a waterproof mascara 

Marinette looked at her surprised

"I don't have the whole day dupain-Cheng"

"R-right" Marinette Saïd as Chloé started walking away 

"Wait, don't you need it back"

Chloe looked offended and scoffed "No way I'm taking Something you touched with your disgusting hands dupain-cheng. So, keep it"

"" Marinette replied not knowing what to say.

Chloe turned on her heel and continued walking.

"Hey Chloe?"

Chloe groaned "What now dupain-cheng?"

Marinette smiled gratefully "Thank you"

Judging by Chloe's expression she was surprised,But quickly composed herself.

"Yeah,I know. you owe me dupain-Cheng." Chloe said before walking out.

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