Chapter 17

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"Pepper!" Tony exclaimed, standing up as she walked into the lab 

"Hey" the blonde smiled "I hope you aren't-

"Pepper" he interrupted "I need advice" 

"Y-You need a-advice?" She stuttered, shocked 

He nodded pulling out a chair 

"From me?" 

He nodded again, before saying "Fri, show pep the Bruce lookalike."

"Of course sir, but before that, Mr Wayne is trying to hack into one of the classified files"

"Shove him out!" He said quickly 

"Why is Bruce Trying to hack into one of your 'classified' files?" pepper questioned suspiciously

"That's because of this small, cute and not-so-innocent kid" he muttered as an image of a young girl appeared in front of them 

"Who is she?"

"This is Marinette Dupain-Cheng" Friday answered for Tony "she is born in France. her parents are bakers who own one of the most famous bakeries in Paris, Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie. She also happens to be a young, untrained Parisian hero, who leads a group of untrained heroes like her"

"T-tony, what do you mean superhero? she's so young" pepper gasped covering her mouth "sure, I've seen Richard roam around as boy wonder, but this...she is untrained. Dick is trained!"


"-and she leads a group of heroes like her?! What is she?! 10?" 

"12 actually, Ms Potts" Friday corrected 

"Still too young! what does she fight? Muggers?"

"She fights, as Mr stark says, "magical voodoos' They are actually called akumas." Friday announced, opening a video of The heroes fighting Mr. pigeon.

She watched as two figures drop Down from the ...flying Eiffel tower?!! And as a green globe surrounded them softening their fall, as the other two figures figures flew up after the tower.

"Oh My- Tony you have to do something!"

He looked at her "Don't you usually say 'tony, that suit is dangerous, if you're going to get another one-blah, blah, blah' " he imitated her

"Yeah, but these are kids and you're an...weird...genius man who acts like a reckless teenager, I mean-"

"OK OK I deserve that" he interrupted her "I want to meet these kids and help them in this...weird thing"

She smiled adoringly "that's very nice of you tony but why hasn't the justice league done something about this?"

"That's what I'm going to find out."


Marinette groaned landing on the bed, today was a long and hectic day. First she was grouped up with her ex-bestie. second, Mj tried to assassinate Lila the worse part is that she would have succeeded if it weren't for Gwen or Nino.   

Chloe pounced on the bed, next to her, scrolling through instagram 

"I'm tired...and bored..." 

"well...scroll through insta." Chloe snorted 

She groaned, stretching as she grabbed her phone. 

"I wonder how jagged, penny and Clara are?"

"Don't forget fang."

"Fang too-"

Marinette phone Rung loudly as a picture of a smiling jagged appeared 

"speak of the devil" she muttered 

"Hey Uncle Jagged!"

"Hey Nettie! And don't call me uncle jagged, it makes me feel old......jagged is fine" he grinned, giving her finger guns 

Marinette groaned, facepalming "where is aunt penny?"

"Penny!" He called out "just a second minette..."

She watched as the Purple haired woman appeared, smiling.

"Marinette it's been so long!, how's New York?!"

"It's amazing we went to the museum today and-"

"I forgot you were in New York" jagged gasped "did you see Iron Man?! or captain America?! Or-"

"No I haven't" Marinette interrupted "but if I do I'll notify you" she winked

"Great! Where is Bratgeois?I hope she's treating you right."

"Hey!" Chloe barked "who are you calling a brat?!

"You." jagged and as penny snickered "did you see the amazing work I put?, brat and bourgeois. bratgeois"

"You are so damn lucky that I am not queen bee anymore or I would've choked you with my spinner" Chloe growled

Little Did the two purple haired people know she meant it in a different way...

And little did the teen hero's know that in a few minutes, They had to create fake stories faster than Lila ever could... 


Hey guys!

I'm sorry I haven't updated in over a month, but life's been hectic. I'm going to have my exams in a month again and I am literally so shocked. 

I mean, why in the world would they keep my exam so fast?!!

 I mean we just had one last month I'm literally dying right now so I got I hope you guys understand and if you guys are reading my rambling, I love you guys.

And I'm really sorry this chapter is so short.

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