Chapter 12

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After a long, boring flight.....

The class walked out of the airport...with Lila screeching her lies, of course.

Miss bustiers clapped her hands "Marinette you have the list of classmates don't you?.Can you please take attendance?"

Marinette nodded, walking towards the front but Chloe stopped her "Isn't that your job, miss bustier?"


"I-but" Chloé mimicked 

Miss bustiers glared At Chloe, (who glared right back) before demanding "Give me the class list Marinette" 

"Oh so you don't have that too? great!, you're just making yourself look like an incompetent teacher....which you are."

"Chloe" Marinette muttered giving her a warning look.

"what?!, she's-"

"Hey!..look!! our ride is here, let's get going!." Nino interrupted loudly.

Ms Bustier, thankful for the interruption ushered the class inside the bus. While Chloe cursed about...well everything.

"Chloe!" Nino exclaimed covering Marinettes ears "innocent ears are listening" 

Marinette shook his hands off, saying "Bitch, I ain't innocent" 

Chloe choked on her saliva (Which I might add, is disgusting) while nino almost fell of his seat, gaping.

"This is all your fault" nino hissed at Chloe, playfully 

"Excuse me" Chloe said in a thick British accent "I'll have you know that I, if anything I've made her a badass."

The two to continue to bickering and failed to notice Marinette slowly steal Nino's headphones and drift of to sleep with music in her ears. 


"Marinette" Chloe whined, tired 

"Wha- I'm up!...I'm up!"

"Great! pick me up. I'm tired."

"We're not there yet sleeping beauties" Nino 

"How long have you been here?" Chloe Muttered 

"I think about 45 minutes" nino answered 

"wait...I slept for, like, 30 minutes...huh? that's surprising." Marinette thought out loud

"Class!, we're here!" miss Bustier announced walking out of the bus.

The class walked out looking at

Hotel Lafayette 

Marinette looked around in awe before spotting

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Marinette looked around in awe before spotting....A drone on the bus?!

She nudged Chloe and Nino before pointing at the drone....which was gone.

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