Chapter 24

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Marinette's class waited at the airport, bored out of their mind. Even Lila had shut her mouth for once.

"I'm so bored." Lila declared voicing everybody's thoughts "when-"

"Good afternoon passengers. This is the pre-boarding announcement for flight 86A to Paris. We are now inviting those passengers with small children, and any passengers requiring special assistance, to begin boarding at this time. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready."

"Ok kids!, we are gonna get in and out of the plane without any trouble, if I see any funny things You're gonna have detention for an entire month" Ms. Mendeleiev announced looking at each one of them.

"Ms. Mendeleiev, I think I might need a first-class ticket because I have a breathing problem and I would be more comfortable there than in the middle-class seats" Lila blabbered

"Didn't you say that ladybug fixed all of your 'medical problems'?" Chloe asked sarcastically

"Well, she did. But her powers are only effective on things around her, ever since I arrived in New York I started getting it all over again" Lila sniffed "so, I-I called her to see if she could help me and she arrived here. But before she could heal me, the Akuma appeared, that's why she was there to defeat the Akuma so fast, or she would have been much later. but after defeating it she had to go back to Paris to defeat the other Akuma so she couldn't heal me."

"Oh, what a bluff!" Chloe snorted "I mean she never really confirmed that she knows you, it's ridiculous, utterly ridiculous. Nobody knows ladybug as I do."

"Says the superhero wannabe!" Alya defended, comforting a now sobbing Lila

"why you-"

"That's enough!" Ms. Mendeleiev interrupted "Lila if you need a first-class ticket, you have to buy it yourself"

"But I don't have enough money right now!"

"Maybe you should call your mom, she could lend you money" Kim quipped

"I-I c-cant my Mom has a meeting today, I don't want to disturb her" she sobbed

"Doesn't Marinette have a first-class ticket?" Alya asked, looking at her ex-best friend

Oh. so this is what Lila's plan was.

"Not happening." Marinette blurted out "These are our tickets."

"You can't even afford them, just be useful for once and give her your ticket, that isn't yours anyway, is it? you stole it from Lila " Alya snorted earning approving nods from her class.

Marinette bristled 'How dare she?!'

"I don't think we are allowed to switch seats anyway." Nino shrugged, interrupting Marinette's thoughts "but we should be heading to our flight"


Time skip

The ride was peaceful, except for the starting when Lila complained. A LOT. but one of the Air hostesses shut her up smoothly, telling her that she wasn't allowed to switch seats.

Marinette smiled as she watched the three kwami's chatter. Both the pollen and Wayzz had sneaked in since their owners were fast asleep. she stared at them absentmindedly, her thoughts slowly drifted to the avengers then to lie-la, then to the lies that poured out of her mouth like a waterfall.

'-but after defeating it she had to go back to Paris to defeat the other Akuma so she couldn't heal me.'

Marinette's eyes widened as she repeated Lila's words in her head she had to go back to Paris to defeat the other Akuma.

shoot! she forgot all about the amok in Paris!

she wanted to call Kagami and Luka but she knew she couldn't. Marinette groaned 'could I be more irresponsible?.  She looked at her watch witch seem to tick slower than ever, the only thing she could do was wait. 3 more hours...what should I do? read magazines? no. I might know how to speak English but I'm a bit rough on my reading. sketch? but I don't-'

"Take rest Marinette" Wayzz said, as though he heard her argue in her head "you need it"

Marinette wanted to argue but her body said otherwise. she mumbled a small thanks before drifting into deep slumber.


Bright flashes filled Marinette's mind.

Each one of them was different. She tried her best to recognize or decipher them, but they were too fast. Marinette concentrated hard, noticing they were images. she caught glimpses of familiar and unfamiliar places, faces, and things. They suddenly slowed down, showing her a much clearer picture. There was a photo frame on a large gray wall. She looked at the picture finding her own smiling face staring back at her. She continued surveying the picture, more familiar faces. Chloe, Peter, Nino, Ned, Gwen, Kagami, Luka, Michelle, and Betty. This picture would have looked completely normal.

Except this picture was never taken.

And they were so much older in the picture.

The vision blurred and faded before another image presented itself. This was different, it terrified her to the core. There were three tall figures. One was a man, his skin was a dark blue and a brooch was pinned to this chest, The Peacock Miraculous. The other two were women, one used the butterfly miraculous, while the other used a familiar one which she could not seem to pinpoint which miraculous it was. She observed them carefully. The butterfly miraculous was worn by a pale-skinned woman, she had narrow, light green eyes that contrasted with the dark gray mask and jet-black hair. The other woman had olive skin that almost matched the color of her suit. Marinette stared at the women's necklace, then it clicked.

She saw that necklace at the museum in New York. The image changed again, this time an arm was wrapped around her in a comforting way. Chloe was next to her, laughing at Nino and others she didn't recognize– who was dancing like a wasted people--with a blue-eyed boy.

"Marinetta, wake up!."

Marinette shot up from her seat panting, her hair and shirt stuck to her skin due to sweat.

"Another nightmare Marinette?" Tikki asked with concern as she pressed a glass of water to her lips. Marinette sipped on the water thankfully before starting to rant out what she saw. "You won't believe it! There was was t-this lady and another lady, and another man they were all wearing miraculous, and they were terrifying! and there was some people I didn't know- "

"Marinette!" Tikki exclaimed "Calm down. Take a deep breath. In and out. Now, speak slowly and clearly because I didn't understand nothing."

Marinette nodded taking a deep breath before explaining everything she saw, in the end, Tikki had to call Wayzz from the next cabin to confirm what Marinette had experienced.

"Marinette" Wayzz started "You just experienced your first premonition."

"My first what now?"

"Your first premonition" He repeated "It means having a strong feeling or instinct that something is about to happen, especially something unpleasant."

"Oh Noooo" Marinette whined "My life is already too unpleasant."

"Something must have triggered your future self's memory in New York" Tikki pondered "Maybe it because you might visit New York in the future."

"Um, my future self?" Marinette asked, but her question fell on deaf ears.

"Yes, that makes sense if Marinette's parents accept the internship, she might be visiting new York a lot" Wayzz agreed

"There was also a necklace...The same necklace we saw at the museum in New York, one of those women was wearing it...I-I think it's a miraculous."

"I don't remember seeing a necklace." Tikki frowned "Do you have a picture of it?" Marinette nodded, pulling out our phone and searching for the picture before showing it to them. Wayzz gasped.

"That's The Eagle Talon miraculous!"

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