Chapter 21

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"Where's ladybug?" Protector asked, trying his hardest not to fanboy over the red and and gold suit in front of him.

"She's...with the rest of his teammates" Empress answered, pointing towards Tony  

"Oh, Awesome" Nino grinned showing her a thumbs up "Sooo... Now what?"

"Now we wait." Chloe smirked


"Who in the world are you?!" Natasha a.k.a black widow interrogated, pinning Ladybug to the rough ground 

"My name is ladybug, I'm one of the superheroes of Paris" she repeated for the hundredth time now "I know how now to deal with the akuma in a much less violent way than you do, so please! trust me!"

"Stop lying" the red head hissed "Paris does not have any heroes, How old are you?"

"How is my age related to any of this?!"

"Answer my question!" She hissed again, irritated 

"I'm 12! I was a hero at the raw age of 10, I have been ladybug for two freaking years!" She yelled

The grip on Marinette's neck loosened ever so slightly "how many of you are there?" Black widow asked 

"4 until a month ago, so now it's 3"

"Why should I trust you?"

"Because I'm the only one who can fix this, My miraculous can fix every sort of damage...even bring people back to life. So right now, you don't have a choice"

"She's right" scarlet witch added "Tony called, says we should trust her."

Black widow glanced at her before looking back at Marinette "do you know Tony? and bringing the dead back to life? That's Impossible"

"No, not really, it's complicated...sort of."

"Ladybug, where are you? I've been waiting for hand me over your miraculous!" the akuma growled, only two blocks away from them

"How does she know you?" Natasha raised an eyebrow 

"She doesn't, the person who gave her powers and is controlling her it does" Marinette answered as her earring beeped "shit- I'm gonna detransform!" She flipped Natasha with ease, before running towards a building .

"Where do you think you're going?! get me out of this!" Scarlett said struggling to be free as nat ran after her.

"I'll be back, I promise! I need to recharge!" As soon as she swung into the building, A pink light blinded the two women, the water hose that was tied around Wanda faded away 

"What the f-" Before Natasha could finish her words the pink light distracted her again and ladybug came out walking as though nothing was wrong.

"You know..bright Pink lights isn't really something common to see in a destroyed city " 

Before any of them could speak, A taunting voice called behind them "You know..bright Pink lights isn't really something common to see in a destroyed city "

The three of them turned immediately, ladybug started spinning her yo-yo, Scarlet's eyes glowed red as she and Natasha stood in defensive positions.

"Ah, what a wonderful sight. Too bad it won't exist any more" the akuma cackled as she hurled a large ass fireball at them

Ladybug spinner a yo-yo fast closing her eyes, waiting for impact but it never came. She opened her eyes to find protector holding his shield In front of him as a larger shield glowed much more further. 

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