Chapter 20

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Chloe walked out the small ATM, stuffing exchanged cash in her purse. She looked around 

Where was Marinette and Nino?!

"Chloe, over here!" a voice yelled 

Chloe snapped her neck towards the direction of the voice just to find Marinette and Nino munching on hot dogs 🌭  

"Can you guys not do that again?!"

"Do what?" 

"Running off like that!. I was at the verge of a panic attack!"

"Sorry Chloe" Nino sighed "but when you gotta got to go."

Chloe facepalmed while Marinette grinned "Why are you getting so panicked anyway?"

"Uh aliens? Tony stark?" The blonde deadpanned

Marinette laughed "Chloe that was years ago! And I don't Its gonna happen soon...or ever.  And why tony stark?"

"Um these letters!" she hissed "We've been getting letters and free first class plane tickets, Of course I freaked out!

"I'm sure everyone from our class got them" 

"I wasn't born yesterday!" She snorted "Did you see Alya's reaction? She obviously didn't get those letters"

"I don't know..." Marinette mumbled "why would he want speak to us? I mean, I suck at science!"

"Yeah, you do." Nino said stuffing the last of his hot dog in his mouth 

Chloe stared at him, unimpressed 

"Waf?" His muffled voice asked as Chloe scrunched her nose in disgust 

A white flash interrupted their stare contest 

Marinette smiled grinning at the picture of chloe and Nino 

"You better delete that right now!" 

"Cheer up!" Marinette grinned looping her arms with Chloe and Nino "Maybe Tony Stark miss-recognized us for someone else."

"You're right" Chloe sighed, Letting out a very rare smile 

"Yeah" Nino started 

The ground started rambling violently, As usually Marinette was the first fall down pulling both Neenu and Chloe through their looped arms.

"Thanks a lot Marinette" Marinette hissed at herself 

"It's fine dudette, but what was that?!" Nino asked, dusting the dirt on his shirt 

 "see?! aliens! I knew it !I knew it! I knew it!"

"It's not really aliens Chloe!" Nino rolled his eye as loud roar interrupted them again, Making all the citizens of New York run in the opposite direction.

"Ok! You-We've got to hide!" Marinette yelled over the citizens terrified screams

There ran into a Electronic store, as their phones all too familiar beep.

"God damn it!" Chloe cursed, immediately pulling out her phone "great! Just great! not only is there aliens in New York but there's an akuma in Paris too!"

"Wait-isn't that robustus?, but Markov is here in New York!" Marinette asked innocently


"Look drakaina and serpent are on the move" Chloe shushed interrupting Nino

"Maybe they might solve the problem"

"Yeah, uhh about that... we have our own problems to face" Nino said, looking around at all the televisions wide eyed

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