Chapter 10

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(Picture made by me, myself and I 😉)

"Even if I did have a secret website what was the name It?" Marinette questioned

"How about Nettie?"



"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Mysterious fashion designer"

"No, but it gives me an idea" Chloe said Walking into the bakery

"Which is...?" Nino interrogated 

"I'm thinking of MDC a.k.a Marinette Dupain-Cheng. 

And my plan is : in case she becomes Famous, which she will, Lila will obviously lie about her and when she does we will reveal she is. how does that sound?" Chloe cackled 

Nino gaped while Marinette was lost in thought 

"Wow......deep down you really are evil" Nino stated  

"Oh Nino, This is just a glimpse of the devil inside" Chloe Smirked 

"So MDC what do you think?" She continued asked leaning back on the seat 

"I'm in."


Time passed by. Chloe asked her father for the best web designers in Paris to create a website for Marinette and Nino "DJs" by making playlists for the costumers to listen to while browsing, They've had some "secret fashion show" that is broadcasted live on the website Nino Dj's in the background while Chloe and some models Audrey had connected with for the show modeled. Soon it was time for them to leave for New York. 

(So Ninos 'Dj-ing' —Is that even a word— idea was originally given by @Cora_Pevensie all the credits go to her.)


"Bye maman and papa I'll see you next week!" Marinette waved from Chloe's car 

"Bye! be safe!!" Sabine called out 

"I will !!!" she yelled back Before getting in the car.

Nino smiled at her "You ready for New York?"

Marinette beamed back "yeah!"

"Good" Chloe interrupted "we might be late becoz of You and I want to rub it in your face"

Marinette rolled her eyes.

Time skip

"Come on!!" Nino exclaimed running towards the entrance of the airport.

Chloe ran freely as her butler carried 7 bags, Marinette shook her head following calmly. 

"Why are you so late!?" Ms. bustiers asked obviously annoyed 

"we're not late. even if we were, you couldn't leave us like that"

"Besides there are five people Missing."  Marinette concluded 

"Ms Bustier!!" A male's voice yelled

"Adrian! I'm very glad you could make it!"

"I hope that this is the last time your late for important trips like this." Ms.Bustier warned, walking towards the blonde model.

Chloe rolled her eyes before flipping her hair and walking off.


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