Chapter 14

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This is a sneak peek !

Sooooo....Spoiler alert! (Sort of...)

Present day

 Marinette ran on the stairs only to find ??? trying to rub the nail polish off his ??? 

"it isn't coming off!"  ??? glared at Marinette as she rolled her eyes 

"use nail polish remover dumb ass"

??? slightly blushed out of embarrassment before grabbing his ??? And threw it towards her, Marinette caught it rolling her eyes again. 

"All the 100 times you've done this and all those times I've caught it" Marinette snickered 

"Well-" ??? was interrupted by a loud crash 

"Marinette , Where are the ??? you made?"

"There in the fridge, ???" Marinette laughed " when did-"

"Kid! you're ready for high school?" ??? Came in smiling with two coffee cups in hand.

"Mmm-hmm, yeah!" Marinette exclaimed Flipping a pancake on a plate 

"There's extra pancake batter here so make some yourselves and don't burn. down. anything."

??. smiled looking at his ??? "You're a ??? now, you've got to be cautious Anybody can attack you if they found out you are a ???"

"Aye aye pheasant!" Marinette winked Before questioning herself "now? where did I keep the maple syrup?!" Before walking out of the dining room 

"Did she just call you a present?" ??? Laughed while ??? Grinned

"When did you guys get here?" 

"We've been here long enough to know that the angle was making pancakes" ??? said rubbing his hands, almost drooling

"Na ah ah" ??? said with a warning tone "I wouldn't do that if I were you"

"Come on it's not like she would murder me or something" ??? said stuffing a pancake in his mouth 

"Oh no" ??? sassed, smirking "This could go wrong"

"Oh come on she's not gonna be pissed, she loves me, I'm her favorite." ??? said looking smug and proud.

A dramatic gasp filled across the room.

Welp! it was the last day ??? Would see sunshine.

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