Chapter 3

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The next day 

Marinette hummed a song as she walked up the stairs towards her class. she wasn't late for once.

She was about enter it when ms.Bustier called out "Marinette, late again. What happened this time?"

"Sorry I-"

"Dupain-Cheng isn't late. the bell hasn't even rung yet" Chloe scoffed as everyone looked at her in surprise "and you call yourself a teacher."


"Of course Chloe would defend Marinette, they probably are working together to ruin my reputation" Lila sobbed 

Chloe was about to defend herself but a loud ringing sound ran through the school, signaling the classes were about to start.

"Marinette, detention" miss bustiers said

Nino looked furious "but Marinette didn't do-"

"would you like detention too? 

Nino looked like he was going to argue, but Marinette shook her head furiously.

Nino shook his head disappointedly and looked down "no Miss bustier"

"Good, now before I was rudely interrupted"

    Time skip ( in detention)

Marinette was sitting and completing her designs while Miss Bustier graded papers.

It was peaceful, until Chloe stalked in and banged a paper slip of paper on the teachers table.

Miss bustier raised an eyebrow "what's this?"

"A pass for dupain-Cheng"

The Red haired woman frowned "But why-"

"that's none of your business"

Her frown deepened but said nonetheless "Marinette you can leave..."

"Fast dupain-Cheng, I have a hair appointment"

Marinette quickly Packed her pencils and books and shoved it in her bag Before following Chloe to the limo.

"Well, get in" Chloe said  

"Oh...uh ok?" Marinette said before hesitantly stepping inside.

   After a long and awkward ride~

Chloe led her to her room.

"Your room is nice" Mari complimented 

"I know, but that is not why you're here"

"Then what am I here for?..."

"I need an ally. Lila has got everyone wrapped around her finger and I need your help to take her down once and for all. So we need a temporary truce. Once we take down Lila, the truce breaks and Everything goes back to normal. Deal?

Marinette took some time to process what she said but ended up shaking her hand.



It was night, ladybug stared at Nino's House while holding the miracle box. she had a determined look on her face and jumped near his window.

Nino's POV 

I was Almost done with my math homework. When I heard faint knocking come from my window.

What the I opened the window to see ladybug smiling.

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