Chapter 15

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The seven sat in a circle 

Each explaining a story about their beloved heroes.

"Wow, how come the avengers don't know much about this?" 

"Like I told you: strictly within Paris"

"What about the justice league?" 

"Bleh! They thought it was a prank call when ladybug called them" Chloe huffed

"Now that we're done with the question 'n' answers can you please join the party" Ned pleaded 

"Uh? Hell yeah!" marinette yelled 

They went in separate ways, interacting with new people...some avoided them which wasn't surprising, as lies flowed out like a river out of Lila's mouth. 

Marinette looked at Alya, who was laughing at something Lila said. The bluebell eyed girl couldn't help but feel a little lonely. 

Sure, she had Chloe and Nino...but it wasn't the same.

Sometimes she wished Lila didn't exist. but then again, Chloe would have been the same stuck up brat...

Life is so...complicated.

"What's that!?" A boy yelled, pointing towards the sky

Many turned towards the direction he pointed to find a shooting star?...heading towards them?!

"It's an asteroid!" Flash yelled "we're all gonna die!!" 

Michelle - who appeared out of nowhere - gave him a smack across his head 

"It's not an asteroid idiot"

"Really?! cause I-" flash glared but was interrupted by a loud cheer

"It's Iron man!!!"

The Parisian's ears perked up hearing this, especially a particular brunette.

The group of children watched and cheered as one of earths greatest defender grew closer and closer.

"Iron Man!, Iron Man!, Iron Man!-" the whole roof of teens chanted 

Now, Iron man was right above them waving and smiling after lifting off his helmet 

"Hey kids!"

"Oh my God!, it's Tony Stark!, can I have an interview!" Alya yelled

"I love you Tony Stark!!"

The kids yelled praises as Tony scanned the the crowd of kids looking for three particular students.

That's when he spotted a pair of bluebell eyes staring at him.

He smirked at her, almost laughing, how could such a small being be a leader for a teenage of magical heroes group?

What surprised him was that the petite girl glared at him.


'Why the fuck is she glaring at me?!' 

'Me!? Tony STARK?!!?'

"Friday, helmet" tony muttered 

"Yes, boss"

"Take me home and call Bruce"

"...Which Bruce?"

"I just have one Bruce."

"... Actually-"

"Wayne. Friday."

"Right away sir."

The trusters blasted, taking tony home.

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